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Supreme Court Declines to Take Up Ethanol Lawsuit

On Monday the Supreme Court declined to take up the oil and gas industry's lawsuit that charges federal regulators with allowing a mid-level ethanol fuel blend onto the U.S. market without the proper testing. The decision means that E15 fuel, gasoline that’s 15% ethanol instead of the standard 10%, could expand to more than the small handful of gas stations that currently carry the blend.

In a statement, Renewable Fuels Association president and CEO Bob Dinneen praised the decision saying “I am pleased that today’s Supreme Court action ends a long and drawn out petroleum industry effort to derail the commercialization of E15. The uncertainty created by this lawsuit has chilled commercial activity that would provide American consumers more affordable choices at the pump. With this decision, E15 can finally become a meaningful option for more Americans.”

Harry Ng, vice president and general counsel at the American Petroleum Institute, called the court’s action a “big loss for consumers” and says the EPA “approved E15 before vehicle testing was complete, and we now know the fuel may cause significant mechanical problems in millions of cars on the road today.”  



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