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LNG, Hydropower, Oil Sands Add Billions to 2014 Spending

As the New Year kicks off, individuals and businesses are often full of big ideas and big plans. Some of these plans grow and come to fruition; some don't--hence Industrial Info's Spending Gap Index, which shows the number and value of projects that are planned to start during a calendar year versus what actually kicks off. The projects that are canceled, put on hold or pushed out to a different year make up what we refer as "project fallout."

From January through November this year, Industrial Info has tracked project fallout of about 52.6% in terms of value, although the final end-of-year project figures will probably take this somewhat higher.

So how is 2014 shaping up? At the moment, Industrial Info is tracking 7,760 projects with a combined total investment value $575.8 billion that are planned to kick off in 2014 in North America. This compares to about $480 billion that was planned to kick off in 2013 at this time in 2012--a difference of almost $95 billion. And while not all of this project activity will actually take place due to project fallout, the higher anticipated dollar amount between years is quite substantial.

Source: Industrial Info Resources



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