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TransCanada CEO: Keystone XL Delay ‘Inexplicable’

Despite release of its own Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement that showed turning down the project would have no positive effect on greenhouse gas emissions and would actually have a negative effect on job opportunities, the U.S. State Department has announced there would be another delay on approval of the Keystone XL pipeline. TransCanada expressed frustration and disappointment over yet another delay, which has come about because eight more federal agencies have been asked to weigh in on the matter.

Russ Girling, president and CEO of Calgary, Alberta-based TransCanada, issued a statement in which he called the decision "inexplicable" and pointed out that the first leg of the Keystone pipeline, which has been shipping oil since 2010, is about the same length as Keystone XL with a similar capacity. The first leg took less than two years to be approved, while the second one has been pending approval for more than five years. He concluded that, "not building Keystone XL is a lose, lose, lose scenario any way you look at it."



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