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U.S. Manufacturers Import as Many Jobs as they Export

The Reshoring Initiative recently announced that in 2013 the U.S. brought back 40,000 manufacturing jobs that had previously been sent overseas—equal to the number of jobs lost that year due to offshoring. By comparison, in 2003, “an estimated 150,000 factory jobs left, while only 2,000 were brought back,” The Wall Street Journal reports.

“We say the bleeding has stopped,” says Reshoring Initiative president Harry Moser. “But the patient is still missing about 1 million workers—like liters of blood.”

Even when U.S. companies want to rehsore, they can run into a myriad of problems.

“If you go into most areas of the U.S.,” Moser says, “the really good skilled workers—the tool builders, those with computer skills—are already employed.” That makes it difficult to find qualified workers, even in areas of the U.S. with high unemployment. 



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