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ATI Invests $1.5 Million in Custom Manufacturing Machinery

Press Release - Automation Technology, Inc., the global leader in customized valve automation, has invested $1.5 million in large custom manufacturing machinery to meet growing demand for customized automation around the world. As greater sized valves are created for expanding infrastructure with higher process pressures, there is an increased risk of leakage. Safe and environmentally sound shut off in these large valves is critical. Subsequently, our customers rely on ATI to provide larger customized actuators needed to ensure complete shut off.

The vertical turning lathe is designed for high precision, high rigidity and heaving cutting conditions, including non-symmetric pieces. It allows ATI to customize actuators for larger valves with considerably large diameters. The lathe has helped ATI increase production per hour, provide repeatability and increase capacity.

Another new machine creates a perfectly straight adaption bracket, which is particularly important in linear actuators. A crooked adaption bracket will ruin a valve; it is a critical element of linear valve automation and one often overlooked. ATI’s horizontal machine increases ATI capacity and capability to manufacture the adaption bracket.

“The new machines combine speed and accuracy that not only allow ATI to maintain design control but also control the quality of our customized automation products,” states Cooper Etheridge, ATI CEO. “We are focused on the importance of meeting our customer demands as plants across the world are expanding. This investment in new machinery allows ATI to design and customize a high quality product and products designed for larger applications.”

Along with expanding manufacturing facilities in Texas, the new machinery is part of a larger capital investment ATI made in 2012.  

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