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Private Operations Can Run Lean and Mean

14 sum water fig2During the 1990s, it was popular for municipalities around the world to enter into agreements with private contractors for water and wastewater treatment plants and services. The trend has slowed and lost favor for new systems in urban residential areas, but wastewater treatment for industrial operations remains largely private, and private wastewater treatment agreements are still desired in many suburban areas. Suburbia likes private contracting because it allows developers the chance to build higher density housing in areas where municipalities cannot or will not provide wastewater treatment.



Tapping into Wastewater Heat

14 spr waterworks 1Anyone who plans, builds or operates water distribution systems attachs great importance to efficiency as well as the reliability of system components. Today’s pipes, valves and taps have been engineered to efficiently control the flow of water into our cities and our homes, and we depend heavily on those components to keep the systems running right.



Extracting Nutrients, Saving Resources through Livestock Water Recycling

14 wnt waterworksGiant livestock farms, which can house thousands of pigs, chickens or cows, produce vast amounts of manure—they can generate the waste equivalent of a small city. The problem of what do with this waste is often not addressed properly, creating environmental problems that affect humans, fish and entire eco-systems.



Recycling Fracking Wastewater

13 fall fracking 1America is the largest consumer of energy in the world—energy production is pivotal to the economy, balance of trade, deficits and domestic stability. That’s why new oil and gas well completion techniques, including horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing (fracking) are critical: Many Americans believe fracking is the road to becoming oil independent, creating jobs and improving the U.S. economy.


A Chilling Effect

13 sum water fig1While the Canadian winter sees a sizeable portion of the population scurrying to points south, those bone-chilling temperatures left behind will eventually provide relief in Toronto during the humid, hot summer months. This is because of a phenomenon that occurs with Lake Ontario.



New Products


Valve Magazine Digital Edition

15 WNT CVR 160x214Inside the Winter 2015 issue…

• Your Control Systems Are at Risk!
• Building a Better Workforce
• Focus on the Offshore Market
• Forgings: Quality with a Cost


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