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Ivan Velan: VMA’s New Leader Has Strong Family Roots

Ivan Velan: VMA’s New Leader Has Strong Family Roots

The Valve Manufacturers Association welcomed its f...

High-Performance Polymers: The Gap Between Need and Science

High-Performance Polymers: The Gap Between Need and Science

In many engineering sectors, application environme...

Tank Cars

Tank Cars

The next time you‘re stopped at a crossing waiting...

Extracting Nutrients, Saving Resources through Livestock Water Recycling

Extracting Nutrients, Saving Resources through Livestock Water Recycling

Giant livestock farms, which can house thousands o...

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Tank Cars

Tank Cars

The next time you‘re stopped at a crossing waiting for a mile-long train you thi...

The Expanding Network of Valves

The Expanding Network of Valves

As industry itself reaches into more and more areas of the world, getting the eq...

The Expanding Reach of Plastic Valves

The Expanding Reach of Plastic Valves

Although plastic valves are sometimes seen as a specialty product—a top choice o...

Valve & Actuator Seminar Attendees will get ‘Back to Basics'

Oct. 28th educational program in Baton Rouge designed for a broad audience

(Washington, DC - Aug. 24, 2010) One of the most recognized issues in the manufacturing world today is the need for information and education on the basics of how industries operate. Now valve and actuator professionals have a new tool for learning about their industry: the Valve Basics Seminar & Exhibition, to be held Oct. 28, 2010 in Baton Rouge, LA.

The six-hour education program-Valves & Actuators 101-was created by the Valve Manufacturers Association as part of its new "Valve Ed" initiative. It is designed both for newcomers to the industry and those who need a refresher course in how the industry operates, the challenges and opportunities, the many product types, and how different products work for different applications. The information in the course is suitable for a wide variety of professionals such as end users, specifying engineers, marketing and sales personnel, distributors and others.

Attendees will learn about:

  • Basic product types, including gate, globe, check, ball, butterfly, plug, pressure relief and control valves
  • The applications where each type is generally used
  • Valve standards and how they apply
  • Basic piping information and application issues critical to effective valve specifications and usage
  • The various actions-such as linear, rotary, etc.-used to operate different valve types
  • Available actuator options, including electric, pneumatic, hydraulic and more

Also part of the education program is a tabletop exhibition. Attendees will be able to view the exhibits and see some of the products they are learning about, meet representatives from the companies that offer those products, and discuss with them the practical applications of the products. Exhibitors will include manufacturers, suppliers, and service and repair companies, who will demonstrate valves, actuators, controls and related supplies and services.

The Valve Basics Seminar & Exhibition will be held at the Hilton Baton Rouge Capitol Center, 201 Lafayette Street, Baton Rouge, LA 70801. To make reservations, call the hotel directly at 225.344.5866 and ask for the special VMA group rate.

Events begin at 7:00 am and conclude at 5:30 pm on Thursday, Oct. 28, 2010. A full-day registration, which includes educational sessions, exhibit hall entry and all meal functions, is $325. Exhibit-only entry is also available for $75. Complete program details and online registration are available at: > Events > Valve Basics Seminar (


Judy Tibbs (office: 540.785.8901; mobile: 571.274.0402)

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Founded in 1938, the Washington, DC-based Valve Manufacturers Association of America ( represents nearly 100 North American manufacturers of valves, actuators and controls. Members account for approximately 80% of total industrial valve shipments out of U.S. and Canadian facilities. The North American valve industry supplies approximately 35% of worldwide valve demand, and VMA member companies employ 20,000 men and women in supporting jobs. VMA is the only organization exclusively serving U.S. and Canadian manufacturers of industrial valves, actuators and controls. Products manufactured by members are used in numerous industries, including: chemical processing; petroleum refining; oil and gas exploration, distribution and transmission; power generation; nuclear power; water/wastewater; commercial construction; and pulp and paper.

VMA is also publisher of the quarterly Valve Magazine (, written for buyers, specifiers, users and distributors of industrial valves, actuators and controls.


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