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Mechanical and Compression Packing

Mechanical and Compression Packing

Mechanical packing dates back more than 5,000 year...

Preparing for a Plant Outage

Preparing for a Plant Outage

It is well known that effective planning can save ...

Heavy Oil: Producing in a Hostile Environment

Heavy Oil: Producing in a Hostile Environment

Today, the world has many resources of heavy oil. ...

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Editorial Guidelines

Valve Magazine is the quarterly, 4-color magazine published by the Valve Manufacturers Association (VMA), located in Washington, DC. Out of the total circulation of nearly 25,000, more than 20,000 are users, buyers, specifiers and distributors of valves and actuators. The magazine is also displayed and archived on ValveMagazine.com, exposing its contents to thousands more industry professionals.

Valve Magazine’s purpose is to:

  • Inform and educate the buyers, users and distributors of industrial valves, actuators, and related products about these products and their selection, application, and maintenance;
  • Address issues or concerns affecting the flow control industry and its customers;
  • Create and maintain a positive public image for the U.S. and Canadian flow control industry;
  • Introduce the interested lay reader to the valve industry;
  • Support and enhance the activities and services of VMA.

The editorial content of Valve Magazine is determined solely by the judgment and discretion of the editors, who periodically consult with an Editorial Review Board and industry members. The views and opinions expressed in the magazine are those of the article authors and do not reflect or represent official policy of VMA unless specifically stated. Authors’ affiliations are clearly identified.

Valve Magazine Audience

A large portion of the magazine’s readers are mid-to upper-level managers who have the authority to purchase or influence the purchase of valves and actuators. These readers tend to have a broad or unspecialized technical or engineering background. Their level of experience, particularly with regard to the selection and use of valves and actuators, is likely to vary widely. Valve Magazine strives to provide articles that are at a technical level to interest and inform the experienced user/specifier and are comprehensible to the sophisticated lay reader. However, with so many newcomers to the industry, the publishers have developed a Back to Basics series, designed to provide an overview of various valves and actuators, as well as coverage of particular end-user industry. Each issue of the magazine includes a mix of technical articles, practical applications, case studies, problem-solving examples, product and application primers for beginners, and issue-oriented features.

Feature Articles

Feature articles should be approximately 2,000 to 2,500 words and should have a title, introduction, body, conclusion, and where appropriate, references. Please do not prepare and submit a feature article without first discussing your idea with the editor. Preference is given to publishing information provided by VMA member companies.


In addition to technical feature articles, Valve Magazine includes departments and columns that offer a variety of news, product information, insight and opinion on any and all subjects of interest to the industry. Contributions are encouraged, though due to space limitations, the editors cannot guarantee placement. Preference is given to publishing information provided by VMA member companies.

  • Industry Capsules—Short items about U.S. and Canadian valve and actuator companies and their employees, including topics such as plant openings, contracts awarded, new or expanded services, mergers and acquisitions, and other items of interest to the industry as a whole; additionally, this section covers association activities, trends, market updates and other newsworthy events.
  • Products & ProjectsThe latest valves, actuators and controls, as well as other products, tools, equipment and software used in process control and plant operations. In addition, we describe projects where valves, actuators and controls have helped plant personnel solve a variety of flow control problems.
  • MediaNew websites, books, technical brochures, CDs, and other educational materials of interest to buyers, users and distributors of valves and actuators, as well as valve and actuator manufacturers.
  • Beyond Valves—Understanding how valves and actuators work involves understanding the numerous products that are used to make them, as well as other parts of the flow control system where valves are employed. This column is typically written by industry suppliers.
  • Conversation with...—We interview a variety of valve professionals from end-users and A/E/Cs to distributors, to learn how they deal with the challenges of working in the many industries that use valves, actuators and controls.
  • Maintenance & Repair—Issues of interest to end users wishing to keep their products performing efficiently and topics relating to valve testing, maintenance, service and repair, as written by members of the Valve Repair Council.


Copy is due for articles on the following dates: Winter issue (mailed mid-January) — Nov. 1 (feature); Nov. 15 (columns) Spring issue (mailed mid-April) — Feb. 1 (feature); Feb. 15 (columns) Summer Issue (mailed mid-July)— May 1 (feature); May 15 (columns) Fall issue (mailed mid-October) — Aug. 1 (feature); Aug. 15 (columns Brief extensions may be granted by the editor, but articles that are not submitted by the agreed-upon date may be pulled from the scheduled issue, and future publication will depend on space availability.

Reprints Distribution Rights

Authors or other interested parties may contact the VMA to purchase 4-color professional reprints or an electronic PDF file of any Valve Magazine article. Reprints make excellent, cost-effective marketing and educational tools. (Please contact VMA Editor Judy Tibbs at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 540-785-8901.)

Original Non-Infringing Works

Authors represent that the articles, artwork and photos they submit are original and/or created by the author and do not infringe upon any intellectual property or other rights of a third party.

Papers from Conference Proceedings

Papers presented at industry meetings or conferences are welcome for publication. Credit will be given to the organization where the paper was presented. The author is requested to obtain clearance for publication from the related organization.

Previously Published Articles

The magazine generally does not publish papers that have appeared in other publications. The editor must be notified of prior publication.

Use of Trade/Company Names

Avoid the use of trade names, company names and proprietary names. Any exceptions to this rule should be brought to the editor’s attention PRIOR to submission of the article. Valve Magazine reserves the right to modify or reject any and all articles that it deems to be “advertorial” in nature. When use of a trade name is determined by the editors to be essential to an article, the author must verify that spelling and applications described for the trade product are accurate. Failure to do so may also be cause for complete rejection of the article or delay for rewrite.

Text Format

Feature articles should be submitted as a MS Word document and may be sent to the editor as an email attachment. Do not embed photos in the article or create an elaborate layout. The article should be created using a 1-column format.


We accept digital photographs saved as .jpg, minimum 5 x 7 inches at a resolution of 300 dpi. Other file formats accepted include Photoshop .tif, .jpg, or .eps; or Illustrator .eps or .ai. Do not submit .gif files. Do not embed pictures in word processing files. Charts, graphs and photos should be labeled with typed captions. If you have questions about suitable formats or programs, contact Judy Tibbs at 540-785-8901. Art and photos will be retained by Valve Magazine unless return is requested by contributors.

Author Bio/Contact Data

Current biographical data MUST be submitted for each author of an article, complete with contact information (title, company name, address, telephone and fax numbers, email and website address). Valve Magazine may publish contact information so that readers can directly contact authors for further information.

Reference/Quotation Source List

A reference list should be provided to cite all document titles, volume, and issue numbers and page numbers. A quotation source list should include names, titles, company names and phone numbers, and addresses for individuals quoted.

Editorial Review

All articles are subject to review by Valve Magazine’s Editorial Review Board and must comply with the magazine’s established Editorial Review Policy.


Valve Magazine is not legally responsible or otherwise liable for the contents of any published articles.

Direct all submissions and questions to:
Judy Tibbs Associate Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, Valve Magazine
7449 Southwind Drive
Chesterfield, VA 23832
phone: 571.274.0402
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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