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Opportunities and Solutions for a Crumbling Infrastructure

crumbling infrastructurePresident Obama’s Fix-It-First program, announced during the February 2014 State of the Union address, calls for $40 billion in spending on a backlog of urgent repairs and upgrades to America’s infrastructure. This is in addition to the $31 billion that went into infrastructure as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

You Don’t Have a Malware Problem

cyber spyingCyber security is of increasing concern around the world. At VMA’s 2014 Leadership Forum, speaker and cyber security expert Shawn Henry of CrowdStrike provided a sobering look at the multiple ways in which attack groups can threaten your company’s data and its security. Here Henry shares what he believes every company needs to know to defend itself against these escalating threats:

The Fed, the State of the Union and Valves

President ObamaDuring the Valve Manufacturers Association’s last Market Outlook event, one of the issues raised was who the new chairman of the Federal Reserve would be and what that would mean for the economy. As this article is being published, the swearing-in of Ben Bernanke’s replacement, Janet Yellen, has taken place. This occurred in the same week as the State of the Union Address, where other issues affecting those connected with the valve industry were addressed.

VMA Forum: The Challenges of Leadership

Sam Deep largeCyber security, trends in distribution and how to become a better leader were among the topics presented at the 32nd Annual Valve Industry Leadership Forum, which took place in Atlanta on Jan. 16 and 17. Also on the agenda, which focused on the numerous challenges leaders face every day, were a Wall Street appraisal of the economic conditions affecting the industry and an examination of the political climate in the United States.

VALVE Magazine’s Top Ten Stories: 2013

VALVE Magazines Top Ten Stories 2013At VALVE Magazine, we’re always looking for great articles that offer valuable information to our readers. As we plan for a new year, we look back at the previous year to see what most piqued your interest. In past years, articles strong on technical information have been favorites, and 2013 was no different. However, the top two spots were nabbed by quite different topics!

So…. Drum roll, please…. In reverse order, the top ten articles published online in 2013, as determined by you, our readers. If you haven’t yet had the chance to read them, take advantage of this list to find out what you’ve been missing! Just click on the title to get directly to the article at

Employment Snapshot Report

Employment Growth graphDuring a briefing at the 75th anniversary annual meeting in October, the results of the VMA’s latest research project were revealed. The Employment Snapshot Report provided insight on the state of employment for VMA member companies, and came about as a result of a representative telephone survey conducted of 37 of the nearly 100 members of the association of valve, actuator and control companies, their suppliers and distributors/channel partners.

VMA Annual Meeting Speakers Deliver Insights on Growth

Havlechek 75th Annual Mtg revWhile there was indeed a great deal of celebration surrounding the 75th Anniversary Annual Meeting of the Valve Manufacturers Association, the nearly 200 attendees were also there to do business. Highlights of the meeting included presentations by speakers who offered valuable insights into what it takes to make a top-tier company and keep it there.

Get Ready: 2014 Market Outlook

Meeting-roomAs it did at last year’s Market Outlook event, the boom in natural gas dominated discussions at this year’s meeting held in San Diego, Aug. 8-9, and attendees were once again buoyed by relatively positive messages from all of the speakers.

Hope for a Challenged Global Economy

waldman imageIf the U.S. can confront its own fiscal problems, it stands the best chance of all the major economies for returning to trend growth and dynamism and that might be the best path to renewed strength for the world economy.


Midstream: The Growing Process Segment

midstreamWhile the traditional view of the oil and gas distribution system held only two segments, upstream and downstream, the now more widely accepted model shows three segments. All of the processes between the wellhead and the refinery gate are now considered “midstream.” In his presentation at VMA’s Leadership forum in Dallas, January 2013, Paul Hart, editor of Midstream Business, analyzed the opportunities in this segment of the oil and gas industry.

Market Outlook 2013: Power Industry

geraghtyA report from the VMA Market Outlook Workshop, held in August 2012:

The best bet for manufacturers selling to the power industry is the international market, especially in coal, according to Kevin Geraghty, VP of Power Generation for NV Energy. Despite the fact there is such a huge push in the developed world for renewables to be a larger part of the energy mix, the developing world is seeking a low-cost, high efficiency base load power to improve citizens’ standard of living.

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