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China Boosting Shale Oil, Gas Production

“China’s biggest energy producers are tapping more tight oil and gas wells, aiming to increase domestic oil and natural gas production at the world’s largest crude oil importer and what will soon be the world’s top natural gas importer,” Oilprice.com  reports.

“As part of a government push to boost domestic energy supply, China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and Sinopec are raising investments to increase local oil and gas production and are accelerating drilling at tight oil and gas formations in western China, the companies have recently announced.” 

Ethanol Producers Reeling from Trade War

“U.S. ethanol producers drew a bleak picture of their industry in quarterly filings and analyst calls this week, detailing how the critical farm belt business has been devastated by President Donald Trump's trade war with China and biofuels management policies that they say have tilted toward oil refiners,” Reuters  reports.

“The ethanol business had grown for years at breakneck speed but its outlook has dimmed due to Washington's aggressive protectionist stance and the administration's unpredictable management of its renewable fuel program.” 

API Urges Drillers to Use Automatic Shutoff Valves

The American Petroleum Institute (API) recently released its newest valve standard. The latest edition includes new automatic closure requirements, to ensure additional protection for workers and the environment in loss of power and emergency situations.

“The safety of our operations is of paramount importance to our industry. Each day more than 1.6 million barrels of oil are pumped from hundreds of deepwater wells in the Gulf of Mexico. Ensuring the immediate closure of valves connecting underwater production systems to surface facilities will help keep workers safe and adds an additional layer of environmental protection where they operate,” said Debra Phillips, vice president of API Global Industry Services. 

Federal Court Blocks Keystone XL Pipeline

A district court in Montana has halted construction of TransCanada’s Keystone XL oil pipeline, Hydrocarbons Technology reports. The judge “ruled that the administration did not adequately consider the cumulative effects of greenhouse gas emissions and the impact on Native American land resources before approving the pipeline project last year.” 

Louisiana LNG Export Plant on Track for 2019

Tellurian has announced it expects to start construction on its Driftwood LNG export terminal in Louisiana in the first half of 2019 and begin operations in 2023. Tellurian said about 35 customers were interested in partnering with and buying gas from the project.

In addition to the LNG terminal, Tellurian is also developing pipelines to transport gas from shale formations in Texas and Louisiana to LNG terminals and other Gulf Coast customers.

Chief Executive Meg Gentle said in the company’s third-quarter earnings that Tellurian will announce partners in the $27.5 billion project by the end of 2018. 

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