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Massachusetts Continues To Lure Biotech Industry

It was one of Gov. Deval Patrick's signature pieces of legislation, a $1 billion, 10-year initiative designed to make Massachusetts a magnet for an industry that holds the potential for breathtaking -- and lucrative -- medical breakthroughs.


But a year after Patrick signed the Massachusetts Life Sciences Initiative not everyone is cheering.


Source: Associated Press


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North American Chemical Industry Prepares for Third-Quarter Construction Starts

As we inch closer to starting the second half of the year, the North American Chemical Processing Industry (CPI) acknowledges that construction starts are expected to be much lower during the third quarter than they were last year. Based on active projects currently being tracked as part of Industrial Info's North American Project Database an estimated 250 capital and maintenance projects are expected to begin construction during the third quarter of this year with a value estimated at just more than $1 billion.


Source: Industrial Info Resources


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Newly Uncovered Enzymes Turn Corn Plant Waste into Biofuel

"Visualize three tons of moldy bread." It's not the most appealing image, perhaps, but it's a description of the moist mound of growth media tended by bioscientist Cliff Bradley and his partner, chemical engineer Bob Kearns at their biofuel facility in Butte, Mont., that could help cut ethanol costs at the fuel pump.


Source: Scientific American


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San Diego to Sell Sewage Facility's Excess Gas

A private company, in partnership with [San Diego], is planning to capture gas and use it to generate electricity elsewhere, making money for the city and reducing pollution.


The project would capture the excess methane now burned at the Point Loma Wastewater Treatment Plant, purify it, compress it, then truck it to two or three locations around the region.


Source: Union Tribune


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Chamber Study Blasts Proposals to Raise Oil, Gas Taxes

Imposing $80 billion of new taxes and fees on the oil and gas industry would increase US dependence on foreign oil, raise costs to consumers, jeopardize US jobs, and erode US economic competitiveness, a recent US Chamber of Commerce report said.


The report, entitled Taxing Our Way to Energy Insecurity Again, was released June 18 by the Chamber’s Institute for 21st Century Energy.


Source: Oil & Gas Journal


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