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Senate Blocks Bid To Keep Offshore Drilling Policy

The Senate on Wednesday voted against an attempt by Republicans to keep in place a plan by the Bush administration to allow oil and gas drilling along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.


The 56-42 vote killed a proposal by Sen. David Vitter, R-La., that would have blocked the Obama administration from pursuing its own policy on offshore drilling.


Source: AP


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Kuwait, Vietnam - A Cooperation For $6 Billion Refinery & Petrochemical Joint Venture

Kuwaiti Oil Minister Sheikh Ahmad Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah and state-run PetroVietnam Chairman Dinh La Thang on Monday agreed to reinforce their cooperation toward success of the planned refining and petrochemical joint venture between Kuwait, Vietnam and Japan.


Thang sought support from Shiekh Ahmad that Kuwait will create favorable conditions for PetroVietnam in oil and gas industry, including upstream projects.


Source: Global Arab Network


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Vancouver Company Ready to Restart Mine Wastewater Operation in Australia

BioteQ Environmental Technologies, Inc. is preparing to restart the suspended water treatment operations at Aditya Birla's Mt. Gordon copper mine in Australia.


The operations were shut down in January following a powerful storm that damaged some of BioteQ's equipment and other infrastructure.


Source: The Canadian Press

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Rush for Natural Gas Sets Off Frenzy

Natural gas prices have moved in one direction this summer, down, and the vast caverns that hold it are dangerously close to reaching capacity, yet since the beginning of the month prices have spiked 44 percent.

A record number of futures contracts were snapped up this week, most likely because buyers didn't see prices for natural gas getting much cheaper.

Source: AP


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Open Books on Oil, Gas and Mineral Deals Sought to Protect U.S. Energy and Raw Materials Supply and Reduce Global Instability

A little freedom of information could make a big difference in the stability of U.S. energy and mineral supplies, say congressional leaders and dozens of international activists headed to Washington, D.C., who plan a conference call for the media at noon Eastern on Tuesday, Sept. 22.


The "Energy Security Through Transparency Act of 2009," to be introduced next week by Sens. Richard Lugar (R-IN) and Ben Cardin (D-MD), would require energy and mining companies to publish how much they pay to foreign countries and the U.S. government for oil, gas, coal, and other minerals.


Source: Publish What You Pay US


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