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Shearon Harris Oil "Leak" Slicks Plant with 7,000 Gallons

The officially dubbed "oil leak" that shut down the Shearon Harris nuclear plant over the weekend was no mere trickle but a geyser that drenched surrounding equipment and coagulated into a pool on the floor.

About 7,000 gallons gushed out of the plant's main generator's oil seal system, draining half of the system's pressurized lubricant, according to Progress Energy, the company that owns the power plant.

Source: News & Observer

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U.S. House Passes Chemical Security Bill with IST Provision Intact

The US House approved a chemical and water security bill with a provision requiring inherently safer technology (IST) by 230 to 193 votes on Nov. 6, despite objections from the petroleum and other industries.


Two major oil industry trade associations immediately criticized the bill, HR 2868, which now heads to the Senate. National Petrochemical & Refiners Association Pres. Charles T. Drevna said by including the IST provision, the House is “sending a clear signal that it wants to put the federal government in a position to dictate chemical practices and procedures to chemical engineers.”


Source: Oil & Gas Journal


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Gulf Petro and Chemical Producers Challenge Anti-Dumping Procedures

In response to recent moves by China and India against petrochemical exporters based in Saudi Arabia and Oman, a Gulf based organization of petrochemical and chemical producers is gearing up. Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association’s (GPCA) has launched an initiative to challenge “protectionist measures” by way of anti-dumping procedures launched by China, India and the European Union (EU) against exports from countries in the region.


Source: Plastemart


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Texas, Leading CO2 Emitter, Sees Greenhouse Gas Output Drop

Texas, the nation's baddest greenhouse gas hog, is also leading the U.S. in the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels due to lower industrial demand and the spread of renewable power.


A report released Thursday by environmental non-profit Environment Texas says the Lone Star state saw its CO2 output decline 2% between 2004 and 2007.


Source: Dow Jones Newswires


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Exxon Reported Ramping Up Supply to China

US oil major Exxon Mobil Corp. is increasing oil products supply to China, the state-run China Daily reported Friday, quoting a senior company executive.


Exxon is expanding its refining and petrochemical facility in Singapore, which is expected to be its largest manufacturing complex in the world, and will be completed in 2011, the newspaper said.


Source: Market Watch


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