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Texas Chemical Industry Looks for Much Better Prospects in 2010

After a predictably dismal year in 2009 for the Chemical Processing Industry (CPI) in Texas, a stronger outlook for 2010 appears to be in the making. Texas CPI plant owners saw more than $900 million in projects placed on indefinite hold or canceled entirely this year. As 2010 approaches, CPI project activity currently reported in Texas shows an increase in overall capital and maintenance spending by an estimated 36%, with the total investment value totaling more than $1.5 billion.


Source: Industrial Info Resources


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China's Petroleum and Chemical Industries' Sept. Output Values Boom

The output value of China's petroleum and chemical industries set a new record high in September by increasing 3.3 percent on year to 613.97 billion yuan, ending its 9-month negative growth streak, according to the latest report by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association.


The chemical industry's output value saw an 11.9 percent on-year growth and a rate of growth up 4.5 percentage points on month, and that of the petroleum and natural gas exploration industry fell 23.7 percent on year with its rate of decrease narrowing 13.7 percentage points on month.


Source: Trading Markets


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Govt. Cash Grant Overview for Renewable Energy Projects

In the summer of 2009, the US Treasury Department revealed its cash grant program to subsidize renewable energy projects under Section 1603 of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Treasury then issued detailed guidance for the applications in August 2009 and is now accepting applications, with the first awards already made.


Source: Globe St.


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Louisiana Shale Could Change Fate of U.S. Energy Supply

Two miles beneath northwest Louisiana's patchwork quilt of forests, cotton fields and pastures, dozens of drill bits are grinding their way toward what may be the nation's energy future.


The region around Shreveport has known oil and gas exploration for decades, but it's now buzzing anew as companies try to capitalize on one simple fact — locked into cement-like shale formations thousands of feet underground are potentially huge quantities of natural gas.


Source: Houston Chronicle


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Traditional Owners Horrified by Oil, Gas Leaks

Northern Territory traditional owners say they are horrified by oil and gas spills off the north-west Australian coastline.


This week it was made public that gas has been leaking from the East Puffin Field, off the north-west Australian coast, for more than seven weeks.


Source: ABC News


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