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Retrofitting Dams to Generate Electricity

Environmental opposition often means that new hydropower facilities are non-starters. But there may be a way around that: retrofitting existing dams.


Only 3 percent of the 80,000 dams in the United States are used to generate power, according to Norm Bishop, a vice president at MWH, a water engineering firm. They were built for other purposes, like flood control, recreation, irrigation or water storage.


Source: New York Times


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Interest Lukewarm in Sale of Offshore Gas Leases

With natural gas prices down two-thirds or more from a year ago and supplies backlogged, interest in Texas offshore leases has dropped.


The Minerals Management Service said Tuesday that 26 companies submitted 189 bids on 162 federal tracts - down sharply from last year's western Gulf of Mexico sale that attracted 423 bids from 53 companies on 319 tracts. The bids will be opened Wednesday in New Orleans.


Source: Associated Press


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U.S. Chem Companies Shed Jobs, But Unemployment Rate Falls

The US chemicals and plastics industries experienced continued job losses in July, but the overall US unemployment rate fell for the first time since April 2008, the Labor Department said on Friday.


Chemical sector job losses totalled 2,600 in July from June for a decline of 0.3%, bringing the seasonally-adjusted workforce total to 809,200.


Source: ICIS


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Process To Clean Wastewater Also Produces Electricity and Desalinates Water

Desalination plants generally employ one of two methods to produce clean water – reverse osmosis or electrodialysis. Unfortunately, both processes require large amounts of energy, but an international team of researchers has proven a process that cleans wastewater can also remove 90 percent of salt from brackish water or seawater while generating electricity.


Source: Gizmag


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Egypt Signs $2.3 Billion Oil, Gas Agreements

Egypt has signed agreements for oil and natural gas exploration that are expected to bring in new investments of $2.3 billion, an official at the Oil Ministry said on Monday.


"Of the total, five are extensions and amendments to already existing deals and one is a completely new deal," the official told Reuters.


Source: Reuters


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