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US Gulf Refiners Say Ops Normal, Watch Storm Threat

U.S. refiners said operations were normal at refineries in Texas and Louisiana on Friday morning as they monitored a storm system in the western Gulf of Mexico that has a low chance of becoming a tropical cyclone.


Valero Energy Corp. spokesman Bill Day said contingencies were in place in case thunderstorms in the western Gulf should become organized into a tropical depression or storm over the weekend.


Source: Reuters


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Floating Challenge for Offshore Wind Turbine

Not in terms of sea charts - the Norwegian energy giant StatoilHydro knows these waters well, having spent the past 30 years drilling for oil and gas here - but in terms of technology.


Statoil has constructed the world's first full-scale floating wind turbine a couple of hours by catamaran from the oil town Stavanger, in the hope that one day vast wind farms could be constructed far offshore in water depths of up to 700m.


Source: BBC


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Energy Bill's Proponents Prepare Counterattack

Even as the health-care fight dominates the headlines, another Washington battle is heating up over climate and energy. In late June, the House of Representatives passed a landmark bill putting caps on the emissions that cause global warming, and the Senate is expected to take up the measure in late September or October—if it first manages to deal with health care.


Source: Business Week


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Chemical Processor Sues Saccharin Maker

It might have seemed like a sweet deal at the time, but PMC Specialties Group Inc. has since found some bugs in its contract with a saccharin importer.


The operator of a chemical processing plant and distribution facility in St. Bernard, PMC has filed a lawsuit in federal court against a supplier of saccharin from Israel. The Aug. 14 complaint alleges that, among other things, saccharin shipped to it by Latitude Ltd., a New York-based importer, was infested with insects.


Source: Business Courier of Cincinnati


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After 'Peak Oil,' Will Natural Gas Fill Energy Needs?

For several centuries now, civilization has benefited from a very special gift that is about to end: virtually free energy in virtually unlimited quantities. The most precious of these energies is oil, which has been the driving force of civilization.


Source: Albany Times Union


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