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Coal Losing to Cleaner Sources

Beneath the frozen plains of eastern Montana and Wyoming lie the largest coal deposits in the world - enough to last the United States more than a century at the nation's current burn rate.

The fuel literally spills from the ground where stream banks cut into the earth, hinting at reserves estimated at 180 billion tons.

Source: Washington Times

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CO2 to Fuel: How Real Is It?

Carbon Sciences — which wants to turn carbon dioxide into consumer products — says it has completed a prototype manufacturing system that shows how it can convert carbon dioxide, captured from a smokestack, into liquid fuels.

Technically, Carbon Science uses biocatalysts — i.e., enzymes and other naturally occurring catalysts — into methanol, a liquid fuel. The fuel can later be upgraded through chemical processing into gasoline, butanol or other higher value fuels.

Source: Green Tech Media

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Sacramento Sewage Agency Looks at Selling Wastewater

Californians have grown accustomed to digesting odd ideas that routinely flow out of Sacramento, many of them not so palatable. But are they ready for this one?

Last week, amid a third year of a statewide drought, the Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District adopted a strategy to sell treated sewage as drinking water. The buyer would hypothetically partner with the district to recycle wastewater from the capital-area's 1.4 million people into a new municipal water source.

Source: Sacramento Bee

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What the Stimulus Plan Means for Construction

The White House on February 26 unveiled a $3.55-trillion budget outline for fiscal year 2010 that would boost funding for water infrastructure and transportation programs while aiming to cut the federal deficit in half by 2013.

White House officials say the outline provides a broad framework for fiscal policy over the next 10 years.

Source: Business Week 

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