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San Diego to Sell Sewage Facility's Excess Gas

A private company, in partnership with [San Diego], is planning to capture gas and use it to generate electricity elsewhere, making money for the city and reducing pollution.


The project would capture the excess methane now burned at the Point Loma Wastewater Treatment Plant, purify it, compress it, then truck it to two or three locations around the region.


Source: Union Tribune


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Chamber Study Blasts Proposals to Raise Oil, Gas Taxes

Imposing $80 billion of new taxes and fees on the oil and gas industry would increase US dependence on foreign oil, raise costs to consumers, jeopardize US jobs, and erode US economic competitiveness, a recent US Chamber of Commerce report said.


The report, entitled Taxing Our Way to Energy Insecurity Again, was released June 18 by the Chamber’s Institute for 21st Century Energy.


Source: Oil & Gas Journal


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U.S. Chooses Four Utilities to Revive Nuclear Industry

Four power companies are expected to split $18.5 billion in federal financing to build the next generation of nuclear reactors -- the biggest step in three decades to revive the U.S. nuclear industry and one that could vault the utilities ahead of some of the sector's strongest players.


UniStar Nuclear Energy, NRG Energy Inc., Scana Corp and Southern Co. are expected to share a set of loan guarantees to be awarded by the Energy Department.


Source: Wall Street Journal


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SD1 Breaks Ground On Biggest Wastewater Project

Sanitation District No. 1 of Northern Kentucky broke ground Friday on the largest project in its 63-year history.


The $230.6 million project includes a new wastewater treatment plant and a six-mile underground sewage tunnel in western Boone County.


Source: Cincinnati Enquirer


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U.S. Revives Coal-Fired Power Plant

The Department of Energy committed yesterday to spend $1 billion in economic stimulus funds to restart plans for a controversial coal-fired power plant that promises to capture 60 percent of its carbon dioxide emissions and trap them underground.


The announcement, which would provide about half the funds needed to design and construct the research plant, does not mean it will ultimately be built.


Source: Washington Post


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