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Talks Ongoing for New U.S. Refinery Workers Contract

United Steelworkers negotiators and oil company representatives returned to the bargaining table Sunday, one day after telling thousands of U.S. refinery and chemical plant workers to stay on the job as they try to hammer out a new national contract.

The USW decided Saturday night to extend the current agreement on a rolling 24-hour basis to keep talks ongoing without a nationwide strike.

Source: Reuters

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Chemical Producers in Northeast Market Region Forecast to Maintain Momentum in 2009

Capital and maintenance spending at chemical plants in the United States' Northeast market region is expected to remain what some consider strong during 2009, maintaining momentum that was built by an above-average investment year in 2008. Industrial Info is currently tracking more than 60 capital and maintenance projects planned to begin some phase of construction in the region this year with a total investment value of $180 million.

Source: Industrial Info Resources

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U.S. Infrastructure Is in Dire Straits, Report Says

More than a quarter of the nation’s bridges are structurally deficient or functionally obsolete. Leaky pipes lose an estimated seven billion gallons of clean drinking water every day. And aging sewage systems send billions of gallons of untreated wastewater cascading into the nation’s waterways each year.

Source: New York Times

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BP Official: Alaska Natgas Pipeline Prospects Dim

Prospects for a pipeline to ship abundant North Slope natural gas reserves to U.S. markets are dim due to free-falling energy prices, the overall economic collapse and the surprising emergence of unconventional energy alternatives such as shale gas, a senior BP official told an industry audience Friday.

"It's not a pretty story right now in terms of North American natural gas markets," Brian Frank, president of BP Energy Co and BP's North America Gas and Power, said at the annual conference held by the Alaska Support Industry Alliance.

Source: Reuters

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