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AP Analysis: Recession' Grip Eases in April

The economy's tailspin gave way to a more controlled descent in the spring, according to The Associated Press' monthly analysis of economic stress in more than 3,100 U.S. counties. Still, troubles persist in California related to the housing bust and in the Midwest, pounded by manufacturing layoffs.


Source: Associated Press


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Biden to Declare Plans to 'Ramp Up' Stimulus Projects Over Summer

Responding to the latest unemployment numbers, Vice President Joe Biden said yesterday that he and President Obama will announce Monday plans to "ramp up" the pace of projects during the summer from the $787 billion economic stimulus plan.


The Labor Department reported that while employers cut 345,000 jobs in May - the lowest monthly total since September - the national unemployment rate still rose from 8.9 percent to 9.4 percent, the highest in more than a quarter-century.


Source: Associated Press


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The New Manufacturing Ultimatum: Cut Costs by 50% in Five Years

How would you respond if your executive team challenged you to cut your manufacturing costs by 50% in the next five years to remain competitively viable? This scenario isn't as unlikely as you might think. Several leading global manufacturers are actively pursuing this challenge as part of their long-term business plan.


Source: Industry Week


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Canada Interested in New US Free Trade Deal

Canada is interested in a free trade deal with the United States that would open up local government procurements to both countries.


The interest comes as Canadian companies continue to report difficulties in winning government contracts in U.S states and cities because of "Buy American" provisions in President Barack Obama's stimulus bill.


Source: Associated Press


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Light at End of the Tunnel?

Is the US recession over? A handful of bullish economists are starting to claim that it is, or that it very soon will be.


“The trough of the recession is imminent, if it has not already been passed,” said Neal Soss, chief economist at Credit Suisse.


Source: Financial Times


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