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Senate Confirms Kirk as Trade Representative

The Senate Wednesday confirmed former Dallas mayor Ron Kirk as U.S. trade representative, filling one of the final high-level posts on President Obama’s economic team.

Business groups, fearful that lawmakers at home and abroad are warming to new trade barriers amid the global recession, have been anxiously awaiting Kirk’s confirmation.

Source: CQ Politics

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Micro-Manufacturing Now Offers Advantages for Specialist Processes

Miniaturization is not new, but manufacturing mechanical, electromechanical and fluidic components on a micro scale is rapidly developing into a recognizable industry in itself. Alistair Rae reports on a selection of the latest developments in this exciting field.

Source: Engineer Live



Energy Efficiency: Doing More With Less

Ever walk out of your manufacturing plant, stroll toward the parking lot and watch waste heat lazily exit the stacks? Did you take it one step further and think, "There must be a way to capture and reuse that heat?" And then did you go even further and actually make that change happen, helping to reduce energy waste in your facility?

Source: Industry Week

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US Trade Deficit Falls With Demand for Goods

The US trade deficit shrank by almost 10 per cent in January to the lowest level in six years, as the recession wore away at America's appetite for the world's goods.

Demand in the US has been hit by falling consumer confidence, which is lingering near a 28-year low, says a just released survey.

Source: Financial Times

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Companies Cutting Back on Health Benefits

Battling ongoing health care cost pressures, many employers are reconsidering their roles as health care benefits providers. Nearly 20 percent are moving away from providing health care sponsorship in 2009.

Employers are beginning to pull back on their role in employee health care in 2009, according to a newly released survey on health care from Hewitt Associates, but 65 percent of respondents still said they would continue to make significant investments in improving the health and productivity of their workforce. This is a 17 percent decrease from last year's results.

Source: ThomasNet

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