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Union Bill's Declining Chances Give Rise to Alternatives

The Employee Free Choice Act, also called "card check," was dealt two blows last week. Whole Foods, Costco and Starbucks proposed a "third way" to reform labor laws that threatened to draw away conservative Democrats from card check. More damaging was the announcement by Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) that he would reverse his support for the bill.

Source: Washington Post

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Loss in Manufacturing Jobs Adds to Unemployment Rates

Although the majority of job losses are concentrated in the manufacturing industry, and in the states that rely heavily on these industries, the city with the largest increase in unemployment is New York City. Possibly, the disastrous financial sector has something to do with this.

Source: Economy Examiner

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U.S. Feb. Durable Goods Orders Up 3.4%, Surprising Analysts

Orders for U.S.-made durable goods rose in February, rising 3.4% on weaker demand for machinery and defense goods, the Commerce Department reported Wednesday. This is the first increase after six monthly declines and the biggest gain since December 2007.

Source: MarketWatch

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Senate Approves Locke as Commerce Secretary

The U.S. Senate voted on Tuesday to approve the nomination of former Washington state Governor Gary Locke to be U.S. commerce secretary, putting a Chinese-American in the job for the first time.

Locke, President Barack Obama's third nominee for the post, has promised to focus on "creating the jobs of the future" and enforcing U.S. laws to counter unfair foreign trade practices.

Source: Reuters

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Survey: Industrial Sector Continues To Invest

Engineering, technical and industrial professionals have seen an impact of the economic slowdown on their businesses, yet are still working on projects, and specifying and purchasing products and services, according to results of the 2009 GlobalSpec Economic Outlook Survey.

More than 3800 GlobalSpec registered users -- comprised of engineering, technical, industrial and manufacturing professionals -- completed the survey, designed to gather data and report on the 2009 North American economic outlook from the point of view of professionals working in the industrial sector.

Source: Manufacturing.Net

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