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Economic and Construction Collapse Set to Slow

Declining inventory means that production is less than current consumption which can continue only until the inventory sales ratio falls back to the normal range.  The ratio was 1.43 in February and has likely to fallen to 1.40 or slightly less by mid April. When it reaches1.30, the top of the normal range, factories will call back workers to raise production to the then current, but still depressed, level of consumption. This means that the distribution system now has 3-4 days of surplus inventory to absorb before the recession ends.

Source: Reed Construction Data

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U.S. Industrial Production Drops More Than Forecast

Industrial production in the U.S. fell for the 14th time in the last 15 months as factories trimmed unwanted stockpiles.

Output at factories, mines and utilities dropped 1.5 percent last month, more than anticipated and matching the prior month’s decrease, according to a report from the Federal Reserve today in Washington. The amount of industrial capacity in use fell to 69.3 percent, the lowest level since records began in 1967.

Source: Bloomberg

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Despite Economic Downturn, Industrial Manufacturing Construction Robust

Spending has always been a key indicator of a healthy economy. During the last year, the Industrial Manufacturing Industry, which was hit hard by the collapse of both Wall Street and the automotive sector, has seen its spending numbers drop significantly. Now that the first quarter of 2009 has come to a close, we can look back at what spending did occur in the industry, and the numbers are encouraging.

Source: Industrial Info Resources

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On Economy, Obama Sees Glimmers of Hope and Signs of Progress

President Obama said today that the nation's economy is showing signs of progress as a series of his policies begin to come on line, despite mounting unemployment and other problems that continue to plague the country.

In brief remarks to reporters after a meeting with his economic advisers at the White House, Obama said there are signs of hope appearing amid the gloomy economic landscape. "What you're starting to see is glimmers of hope across the economy," Obama said, adding that it is too soon to make any firm pronouncements.

Source: Washington Post

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Could Cap-and-Trade Bill "Devastate" Manufacturing?

Gov. Jim Doyle is worried about what poorly crafted cap-and-trade legislation could do to the economy of the Midwest.

His concern is justified. The proposed mechanisms for reducing carbon emissions in the United States are not just environmental measures, they are economic proposals of enormous dimensions.

Source: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

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