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Credit Crisis Casts Gloom Over China's Exporters Ahead of Biggest Export Fair

As they prepare for China's biggest export fair this week, managers at Shunde Xiongfeng Electric Industrial Co. are anxious.

Sales of electric fans are down this year, and the financial crisis will likely further cut demand from overseas. The 5,000-employee company in the southern city of Shunde, near Hong Kong, sold 6 million electric fans abroad last year.

Source: Associated Press

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Emerson Boosts Latin Sales

Emerson is scheduled to release its fiscal year 2008 results in November, but results for its first three fiscal quarters show a 15% increase in Latin America revenues. That was better than the company total of 12%. In the sub-segment of process management, Latin America sales increased by 23%, which was the highest growth anywhere worldwide and better than the company total of 18%. 

Source: Latin Business Journal

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Manufacturing Sector Shows a Revival Along Interstate 495

Years ago, factories lined the rivers and railroad tracks in towns west and northwest of Boston. Now they line Interstate 495.

It seems counterintuitive, but in an era when industrial jobs are disappearing throughout the United States, manufacturing is alive and well in Massachusetts, especially along the arc of highway running between the New Hampshire and Rhode Island borders, according to a recent study.

Source: Boston Globe

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Michigan Leads U.S. Manufacturing Plunge

The plight of the U.S. manufacturing sector is sharply visible in Michigan where unemployment is the highest in the nation at 9 percent, statistics show.

The state has lost 400,000 manufacturing jobs in the past eight years, The Washington Post reported.

Source: UPI

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Op-Ed: Wall Street, Fall 2009

Pass the Hamburger Helper and the Milwaukee’s Best. Broom that interior decorator; Ikea’s got some dynamite furnishings. Boy, those public schools sure look better than I thought—what was so great about Dalton or Nightingale-Bamford or Saint Ann’s, anyway? Those Koreans make fabulous cars.

Source: Jim Cramer, New York Magazine

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