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Improve Ethylene Conversion: Part One

No matter the feedstock used in an olefin production plant, control valve performance is an essential part of plant operations. In this, the first of a three-part series, critical control valve applications in the furnace section are discussed. The feed rate must be balanced with dilution steam to lower hydrocarbon partial pressure and increase olefin yield. An improper ratio reduces efficiency of the furnace and will impact ethylene conversion. Valves in the furnace section play a critical role in maximizing ethylene production and throughout.  MORE


Cameron Announces Change in OneSubsea Top Management

Cameron announced the retirement of John Carne as CEO of OneSubsea. Scott Rowe, president, Production Systems for OneSubsea, will succeed him. Scott served as president of Cameron's Engineered and Process Valves business in the Valves & Measurement Group.  MORE

Val-Matic Valve and Mfg. Joins VMA MORE

Metso Valves Selected for Chemicals Complex in Saudi Arabia   MORE

Emerson Breaks Ground on New Louisiana Service Center   MORE


Valve Basics Kansas City


Largest Increase in U.S. Oil Output Since 1859

U.S. production of crude oil in 2013 averaged 7.48 million bpd, which was a 1 million bpd (and 15.4%) increase over production in 2012 of 6.48 million bpd. That 1 million bpd increase in oil production last year was the largest increase in annual oil output since the beginning of U.S. commercial crude oil production in 1859, and topped the previous high, which was an 830,000 bpd increase in 2012.  MORE

BP Predicts Shale Oil, Gas Shrinking Global Energy Market  MORE

Oil Well Completions Up in 2013, Natural Gas Completions Down   MORE

Acid Mine Drainage Reduces Radioactivity in Fracking Waste   MORE


NAM Claims Victory as NLRB Acknowledges Overreach

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has refused to ask the Supreme Court to review the recent D.C. Circuit Court’s decision in the posting requirement rule case. The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) says that, by allowing the Supreme Court’s Jan. 2 review deadline to pass, the NLRB has acknowledged its overreach in the case.   MORE

U.S. Manufacturing to See $10B in Construction Starts in First-Quarter  MORE

Do Lower Interest Rates Really Spur Growth?  MORE

Led by U.S. Exports, Trade Deficit at Four-Year Low  MORE


Reducing Compression Packing Friction in Valves

When used properly, compression packing is a cost-effective, high-performance means of sealing. Unfortunately, compression packing creates friction, which can cause major issues in certain applications. Knowing how to reduce that friction can be critical in minimizing those issues.  MORE

Coming in the spring issue of VALVE Magazine…

Valve Repair Council Celebrates 25-year Anniversary

“In 1989, the service operations of VMA members banded together and created the Valve Repair Council (VRC) to promote safety and advance the quality and integrity of valve service. As part of its 25th anniversary, VALVE Magazine recaps the history of the VRC and features current trends in repair.


VMA Meeting Focuses on Solutions to Leadership Challenges

Top valve industry executives and leaders met at the 2014 Leadership Forum in Atlanta last week in a program that addressed the types of challenges executives face on a day-to-day basis. Presentations included:

A powerful half-day workshop conducted by leadership guru Sam Deep had participants experience "A Rough Day in the Life of a Leader.” Groups worked through the process of handling common issues facing leaders and offered concrete solutions for various scenarios.

R. Scott Graham of the Jefferies investment house gave a Wall Street perspective of the $75 billion worldwide valve market. He expects a ~+4% growth through 2017 driven by the commodities processing industries, BRICs, the economic recovery in the U.S. and Europe, increasingly complex applications and the emergence of smart valves.

Shawn Henry of CrowdStrike Services said that the industry is focused on malware when considering cyber attacks. But he pointed out that it’s essential that you be adversary centric and gave a series of strategic recommendations to address the threat.

Steve Bassill, president of QDI Strategies, Inc., provided a framework to guide manufacturer / distributor strategies for the future. He told attendees that technology and services are driving the evolution of distribution, and these forces have been contributors to the growth in distributor profitability.

For additional coverage on the Valve Industry Leadership Forum, go to VALVEmagazine.com on Monday, Jan. 28, or check out one of our other Web features, including the Top 10 Stories of 2013.

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