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Flashing and Cavitation

15 sum flash introSome of the following questions may seem ­unrelated, but they all involve key concepts that explain the sometimes-misunderstood ­phenomena of flashing and cavitation:

Mechanical and Compression Packing

15 spr packingsMechanical packing dates back more than 5,000 years when horse hair was braided and coated with animal fat for lubrication and additional sealing ­characteristics. Mechanical and compression packing advanced tremendously in the years since then, but especially so in the past 30 years as environmental concerns about valve leakage and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules have come to the forefront.

The Expanding Reach of Plastic Valves

13 spr B2B introAlthough plastic valves are sometimes seen as a specialty product—a top choice of those who make or design plastic piping products for industrial systems or who must have ultra-clean equipment in place—assuming these valves don’t have many general uses is short-sighted. In reality, plastic valves today have a wide range of uses as the expanding types of materials and good designers who need those materials mean more and more ways to use these versatile tools.

The Mighty Steam Trap

13 wnt steam introThe Industrial Revolution of the late 1800s brought about widespread use of steam as a means of generating power, performing work and delivering heat to industrial process systems. While an effective and efficient means of providing heat and power, steam use brought several challenges, one of which is the effective removal of ­condensate to ensure thermal efficiency and prevent mechanical damage inside of piping, turbines and process equipment.

Life-Cycle Costing

vmwnt12_lifecycleFor most of us, the purchasing process is relatively simple: Find the lowest cost for the desired item, make the purchase and then move on to the next task. However, the purchase price may only be the first installment of that cost.

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