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Critical Service Valves and Applications

15 sum critical 1If you perform a Google search on the words “critical service valves,” you quickly discover that the number of hits is endless. The term is one of the most over-used phrases in the valve industry today, with “severe service” running a close second. Everyone seems to use the terminology in describing their valves. No doubt there is someone out there selling a “critical service” 1/4-inch 200 water, oil, gas bronze gate valve or a “critical service” 3/4-inch hose bib.


Heavy Oil: Producing in a Hostile Environment

15 spr heavy oil introToday, the world has many resources of heavy oil. For those that seek to tap into that oil, the challenge has always been extraction, the process of “mining” the heavy crude. Today’s producers have developed new technologies that allow them to get such oil to the market efficiently.

Tank Cars

14 spr tank cars 1newThe next time you‘re stopped at a crossing waiting for a mile-long train you think will never pass, take a good look at how many of those cars are tank cars. Doesn’t it seem like many more tank cars are riding the rails these days?

The Boom of Hydrogen Service

13 sum hydrogen fuelingstationIf someone used the word “hydrogen” while playing a word association game, the first word that would probably come to mind would be “bomb.”

Keeping Our Water Flowing

One place where valves are used that touches every one of us every day of our lives is the clean water industry. When we turn on the tap for a drink or open the hydrant to water our roses, we are interacting with the last valve in the clean water pipeline. The valves used in this piping-intensive, complicated industry perform yeoman’s duty behind the scenes and often behind security fences—24 hours a day.

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