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Velan: New Patent-Protected Cable Drive Actuator

Velan ABV ALTO actuatorPresented at Valve World Conference & Expo 2016 in Düsseldorf, Velan ABV’s new patent-protected cable drive actuator benefits from a transmission system with constant torque and high accuracy along the entire quarter-turn rotation. Its modular construction comprises a center body, pneumatic or hydraulic power cylinder and a spring cartridge for emergency action. It is the actuator’s newly designed center body with its revolutionary cable drive system that separates it from the standard scotch yoke actuator.

“We’ve had considerable experience over the years designing and manufacturing extremely high-quality valves and actuators. This new design builds on that expertise and takes it to the next level,” said Paolo Ranieri, CEO of Velan ABV. “First off, the features of our new actuator help cut operational costs. Since it produces 30% more running torque than traditional scotch yoke actuators, smaller actuators can be installed. Fewer components and less friction mean lower maintenance--and it’s safer to run.”

Yves Leduc, President of Velan, added: “Velan is introducing a unique and innovative quarter-turn actuator that offers strong benefits for control precision in a cost-effective package. Our decision to expand our portfolio of actuators is in line with our strategy to leverage our innovation capabilities in addressing specific end-user needs that remain underserved.”  

AUMA: Multi-Turn Actuator for Underwater Use

AUMA Actuator for Underwater UseThe AUMA SA multi-turn actuator for continuous underwater use opens new applications for electric actuators: for water supply, in hydropower plants, in civil engineering constructions for water applications, and for specific underwater applications. Where both water supply and sewer pipes are underground, actuators and valves are often installed in pits below ground level. Where high water levels are a permanent risk, actuators designed for underwater use will operate reliably even if flooding persists.

A universal sealing system combined with comprehensive corrosion protection qualifies these actuators for underwater use. Double-sealed cable glands at the electrical connection, inner seals – some in pairs – on all housing covers, and a one-piece solid shaft prevent the ingress of water.

For more information, visit www.auma.com

Cowan Dynamics: E2H Series Now Available for Arctic Service

Cowan Image eNews 11.7.16Just in time for Winter! Cowan Dynamics announces the availability of its E2H Series Electro-Hydraulic linear valve actuators for artic service. Rated down to -50C, the E2H has been designed from the ground up to pack high performance into the smallest possible installation envelope. All hydraulic components and sensors are integrated into a single compact manifold block that also houses the actuator and integral oil reservoir. The control panel can be mounted directly to the manifold block or installed remotely. This self-contained actuator can be installed either vertically or horizontally and has no external piping. Available for on/off or modulating applications and for a wide range of communication protocols.

Cowan Dynamics, established in 1957, has its head office and manufacturing facilities in Montreal, Quebec, a sales office located in Mississauga, Ontario and is represented through a national and international value-added partner network.

For more information, click www.cowandynamics.com/e2h-series

Rotork: Variable Speed Drive

ROTORK VSD Photo FNLRotork’s Variable Speed Drive (VSD) is a simple, versatile, and reliable solution for modulating valve control. The variable speed control provides a high response rate and stable control with minimal overshoot. Rotary and linear versions enable the operation of part-turn valves, globe valves, and dampers. Fail in-place or failsafe open/close options are available.

Positional accuracy is < 0.1% with repeatability < 0.1% of full stroke. A wide range of status, alarm, and input/output signals can be configured with parameters stored in non-volatile memory.

Linear thrust outputs are from 2,000-100,000 lbs and rotary torque outputs are from 2,000-300,000 lbf-in.

The Rotork VSD control enclosure is available with NEMA 4X and NEC Class 1, Division 1 ratings. It can be mounted on the actuator or remotely up to 300 feet from the valve. A 120Vac power supply is required.

For more information, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit www.rotork.com

CIRCOR Energy: RTK Announces New Actuator Line

CIRCOR RTK REactRTK, a CIRCOR Energy brand, has launched the next generation of the REact electric actuator product family that is 60% more energy efficient than previous versions and other market available products.

The next-generation REact actuators offer a number of new technological advantages, such as an optimized positioner, applied Brushless DC motor technology, a compact, modular structure, variable actuator speeds, and versatile electric, plug in connectors. A patented adaptive spindle system reduces the structural height of the REact 60E and 100E. The new REpos positioner offers data logging functions, a micro USB interface, and a graphic display.

To find out more about the new REact actuator family, visit www.circorenergy.com/rtk.

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