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Cowan Dynamics: AS Series Spring-Return Pneumatic Valve Actuator

Cowan AS SeriesCowan Dynamics is pleased to announce the release of the next generation AS Series, Spring-Return Pneumatic Valve Actuator. Based on the proven AS Series, the Compact version was designed specifically for applications where space is a premium. The AS Compact provides amazing reductions, up to 57% shorter and 42% lighter canisters compared to the standard model.

The AS Series has a SIL-3 Capable rating, designed to provide reliable actuation in critical applications without compromising the facilities Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS – compliant with IEC 61511/ISA 84).

Cowan Dynamics has developed a standardized, catalogue-based spring-return actuator solution. Customers can now simply refer to a dimension table and order their product according to the required dimensional size and thrust.

The spring is installed within a factory-sealed canister, allowing safe in-field service of piston packing, rod seals and bushings without handling the spring. Welding Certified to CSA 47.1 Division 2.

For more information, visit www.cowandynamics.com

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