Flowserve: LPC Compact Pneumatic Actuator

Flowserve Limitorque Pneumatic Compact LPC Scotch Yoke ActuatorFlowserve Corporation announces the launch of the Limitorque Pneumatic Compact (LPC) Scotch yoke actuator. The LPC joins the growing family of technically advanced, fluid-powered actuators under the Limitorque brand that began expanding its portfolio beyond electric actuation earlier this year.

Complementary to the Limitorque Pneumatic Scotch yoke (LPS) model, the LPC applies similar design philosophy as the LPS for long operational life and reliability, but in a more compact, lower-cost package. The LPC has been designed with an industry-leading, 25-year design life, depending on service conditions, proper installation, operation and maintenance. In-field maintenance is required every five years for most applications, or as prescribed in EN 15714 for high-cycle applications.

For more information, visit www.flowserve.com