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New BioPharm Application Module from CRANE ChemPharma Flow Solutions

crane chempharma biopharm site module screenshotCRANE ChemPharma Flow Solutions™ has launched its new online BioPharm application module that provides critical flow solutions for global BioPharm and Pharmaceutical markets.

Featuring interactive BioPharm process maps (i.e. Bioreactor, CIP [Clean in Place], Filtration and Chromatography), this interactive online platform guides the user through bioblock valve configuration examples for improving cleanability and process fluid handling. Other tools that can be found include an interactive table of P&ID block orientations that can increase the speed and efficiency of valve selection for time-sensitive BioPharm projects.

CRANE ChemPharma’s bundled solutions of trusted products (like those from its Saunders® brand) for the BioPharm, API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), hygienic and industrial applications are highlighted throughout the module. This new addition to the CRANE ChemPharma website provides valuable training for distributors, engineers, and students on where and how complicated bioblock valves can be used within critical BioPharm processes. www.cranebiopharm.com


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