ITT Engineered Valves: Pure-Flo EnviZion Valve

ITT EnviZionITT Corporation is pleased to announce that the Pure-Flo® EnviZion® hygienic diaphragm valve, marketed by its Engineered Valves brand, has passed the ASME BPE 2014 Edition Appendix J testing, reaching the test’s maximum cycle rating at three times the required test pressure.

Established in 1997, the ASME BPE Standard provides the requirements applicable to the design of equipment used in the bioprocessing, pharmaceutical and personal-care products industries. In 2014 the Part SG Sealing Components subcommittee published Appendix J, a set of Standard Process Test Conditions (SPTC) for seal performance including diaphragm valve diaphragms. This test has validated the design integrity and reliability of the EnviZion valve’s live thermal cycle compensation system. With these test results, Biopharm manufacturers can assure diaphragm performance, allowing them to lower contamination risks, develop preventative maintenance programs, and reduce their total cost of ownership.

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