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Weir: Intelligent Systems for Pressure Control

Weir Pressure Control Intelligent SystemsWeir Oil & Gas has removed the guesswork from managed-pressure drilling (MPD) and flowback operations with more accurate, real-time measurements and automated controls, enhancing safety, reducing non-productive time, and enabling operators to make more informed, faster decisions. Engineered for high-pressure formations, Weir’s line of Pressure Control Intelligent Systems replaces this rudimentary approach with an Internet of Things (IoT) approach that is safer, faster, more accurate, and more reliable.

Each of Weir’s Pressure Control Intelligent Systems products connects to a control unit via sensors that send real-time information from the equipment back to the control unit. The data is relayed to the customer in a secure, cloud-based portal, accessible by desktop and mobile devices and stored in Weir’s electronic data warehouse for historical reference. Should an issue with levels arise, the system will sound the alarm much sooner to ensure the operator has more time to adjust the flow from the choke or for the choke to adjust automatically.

For more information, visit www.global.weir

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