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Emerson: AVENTICS TM5 TaskMaster Aluminum Cylinder

Emerson Aventics Task Master CylinderMachine builders and their end-user manufacturers can increase machine speeds and reliability with the new AVENTICS TM5 TaskMaster aluminum cylinder from Emerson. The National Fluid Power Association (NFPA)-compatible pneumatic cylinder reduces cost, energy consumption, equipment wear and downtime.

With its rugged aluminum body construction and a steel piston rod, the TM5 TaskMaster features Emerson’s state-of-the-art pneumatic cushioning technology that allows an ideal cushion adjustment to slow down the piston to a stop by the time it reaches the endcap. Ideal cushioning reduces the time it takes the cylinder to complete a stroke, allowing an improvement in efficiency that significantly boosts machine speed and lowers endcap hammer. Ideal cushioning also reduces cycle time and enables the TM5 cylinders to carry higher loads without sacrificing cylinder performance.

The cylinder incurs less stress and there is no end-of-stroke bounce or end-cap slamming, which is a main source of cylinder wear, slowness and noise. Ideal cushioning thus lengthens cylinder operating life and reduces downtime related to cylinder failure. Additionally, it reduces machine noise and vibration while reducing energy consumption. 

For more information, visit www.aventics.com

Emerson: Virtual Valve Repair Service

Emerson Remote AssistanceEmerson announced its new Remote Assistance service capability to help plant operators immediately respond to industrial valve issues by using augmented reality (AR) technology. The AR technology uses a robust, secure channel certified as ISO 27001-compliant. Valve repairs are advised and guided by Emerson experts as part of the company’s expanding Connected Services portfolio in its Plantweb™ digital ecosystem.

Using a mobile device, plant personnel can securely share their field of view through the AR software as Emerson valve experts help troubleshoot and solve valve problems. Step-by-step instructions are overlaid in the field-user’s application to support installation, calibration or repair actions.

Real-time video communication enables users to resolve issues faster and minimize instruction errors that often occur with audio-only support while eliminating travel time and the cost of getting technicians to the work site. In addition, operators can expand their in-house knowledge base and staff skillsets through on-the-job troubleshooting guidance and recommendations to remediate issues, up to and including oversight of the final repair.

For more information, visit www.emerson.com

Solon Manufacturing: ANSI Flange Live Loading Design Calculator.

Solon 70th logoQuickly design a live loading system for flange applications with Solon’s new ANSI Flange Live Loading Design Calculator. This interactive web tool was created to assist with flange applications based on inputs relative to flange size, environment and bolting information, under normal assembly conditions. Output includes the recommended Solon Flange Washers, stacking arrangement and quantity recommendations and assembly notes, along with quick access to specification reports and the capability to submit a quote request directly to our sales team. This user-friendly, no-cost tool is mobile-optimized and designed to increase the value of the live loading system by proving the most cost-effective solutions for the application requirements.

DeZURIK: Valve Selection Guide

DeZURIKvalveselectionguideDeZURIK’s new Valve Selection Guide highlights the broad portfolio of engineered valve solutions in the extensive DeZURIK, APCO, Hilton and Willamette product lines. The guide includes convenient selection charts and descriptions which help users quickly find the best performing and economical valve styles for a particular application. DeZURIK manufactures a variety of valve styles used in a wide array of industries including rotary control valves, v-port ball control valves, high performance butterfly valves, eccentric plug valves, swing check valves, air release valves, extreme service knife gate valves, resilient seated bi-directional knife gate valves, urethane lined knife gate valves, and resilient seated butterfly valves.

For more information, visit www.dezurik.com

ITT Engineered Valves: BioviZion

ITT Engineered Valves BioviZion ManualActuatedThe BioviZion packs all of the industry leading breakthrough technology of the EnviZion valve platform into a small package developed specifically to address the critical reliability needs of sampling and low flow bioprocess applications.

Traditionally, small 4-bolt fractional size diaphragm valves utilized for sampling applications have been challenged to achieve the performance and reliability of traditional diaphragm valves simply because of dimensional limitations. Four small screws prone to galling just can’t provide the force required to achieve consistent and reliable seat and shell sealing.

Enter the BioviZion with high strength stainless steel studs which eliminate small fasteners prone to galling, snapping, and being lost. The patented diaphragm stud makes diaphragm installation a quick and reliable process. The efficient mechanical thermal compensation system applies sealing force constantly only where it is needed. Best of all no torqueing or re-torquing is required. All of these features add up to a more reliable and less costly valve to operate and maintain.

For more information, visit www.engvalves.com

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