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Spirax Sarco: STS17.2 Steam Trapping Station

Spirax Sarco STS17.2 Steam Trapping StationSpirax Sarco is pleased to announce the release of the STS17.2 Steam Trapping Station. The STS17.2 is a complete assembly comprised of an isolation valve, a steam trap connector with strainer and a check valve in a sleek, modular body. The convenient ‘ready-to-install’, single-piece body virtually eliminates potential leak paths caused by multiple screwed connections that conventional steam trapping stations and on-site fabricated installations typically include.

The STS17.2 steam trapping station technology allows a steam trap to be changed in minutes rather than hours, reducing plant downtime and ensuring hassle-free maintenance.

For more information, visit www.spiraxsarco.com

Balluff: Precision Tube Sensors for Microbubble Detection

Balluff Micromote 2The new Balluff MICROmote® optical precision tube sensors are designed to detect free-floating air bubbles in transparent liquids. These free-floating air bubbles have dimensions smaller than their tube's inner diameter.

The sensor's ability to detect free-floating air bubbles results from a uniform illumination of the tube's liquid column. This uniform illumination is created by a concentrated arrangement of multiple light beams, each with an individual uniform intensity distribution, surrounding the tube. When a small air bubble enters the sensing field it induces a significant signal jump on the sensor's receiver elements. This signal jump enables reliable detection of the tiniest air bubbles, even microbubbles. (A microbubble is defined as a bubble smaller than one millimeter in diameter.)

Together with the microprocessor controlled MICROmote® amplifiers, with either switching or analog output, these tube sensors form a complete detection system with diverse application possibilities for laboratory, analysis and medical technology.

For more information about Balluff’s line of tube sensors, visit www.balluff.com

Conval: Engineering Binder Available

Conval recently updated its 900-page engineering binder containing technical information on its full line of high-pressure, high-temperature forged valves and accessories for the world’s most demanding applications. This comprehensive resource is available to qualified specifiers in hard copy or online. Contents include specifications, drawings, typical applications, case studies, accessory and actuation options for ball valves, bellows seal valves, blowdown valves, cryogenic valves, fire-safe valves, gate valves, globe valves, special valves, and throttling valves. For details, please contact Conval, P.O. Box 1049, Somers CT 06071-1049; telephone 860.749.0761 or visit www.Conval.com.

Rotork: Valvekits Expansion

ROTORK VALVEKITS photoRotork Valvekits, located in Broken Arrow, OK, has announced an expansion of its valve mounting kit and valve accessory services to valvemakers and other customers in North America.

Valvekits USA has an in-house team of highly trained professionals who design and manufacture valve and actuator mounting kits to ISO 9001 standards supported by exacting stress calculations and final-element analysis to meet customer requirements. Also, Valvekits offers a wide range of valve and actuator accessories, including extension stems, linkages, spools, gearboxes, switchboxes, brackets, and instrumentation panels.

Information and quotes often can be obtained the same day by accessing the company’s website at www.rotorkvalvekits.com.

Mark C. Jones, General Manager, Valvekits USA, says, “We have an impressive set of abilities to design and fabricate mounting hardware for virtually any actuator or valve assembly. In addition, we can convert virtually any valve into an automated valve system.”

For more information, visit www.rotorkvalvekits.com.

Victaulic: AGS Stainless Steel Fittings

Victaulic-AGS-Stainless-Steel-FittingsVictaulic has introduced a line of stainless steel Advanced Groove System (AGS) fittings, allowing customers to create complete large-diameter grooved mechanical piping systems in stainless steel. As a component of the Victaulic Advanced Groove System, the fittings offer exceptional assembly speed and performance.

Featuring Victaulic AGS grooved ends, AGS stainless steel fittings are available in 90- and 45-degree elbows, tees, reducers, adapters and caps. The fittings are joined to AGS-grooved pipe, valves and accessories with the Victaulic Style W89 AGS coupling.

For more information, visit www.victaulic.com

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