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ITT: i-ALERT2 Equipment Monitor with Bluetooth Capability

ITT iAlertITT’s PRO Services® brand has launched the i-ALERT®2, a Bluetooth Smart-enabled machine health monitor that allows customers to identify potential problems before they become costly failures. It tracks vibration, temperature and run-time hours and wirelessly syncs the data with a smartphone or tablet through the i-ALERT2 mobile app.

ITT’s i-ALERT2 combines the latest in Bluetooth low-energy and sensor technologies commonly used in the newest consumer health and fitness trackers and smart watches such as the Apple Watch and Fitbit®. The i-ALERT2 is the first to successfully integrate these technologies into an industrial package. It is engineered and rated for use in a wide range of industrial environments. It is chemical resistant, rated for extreme temperatures (-40 to 84°C, -40 to 183°F) and is rated to operate in environments with explosive gases, dust and fibers.

For more information, visit www.ittproservices.com

Spirax Sarco: EasiHeat DHW with Monitoring System

Spirax Sarco is pleased to release the Spirax EasiHeat DHW. This new heat exchanger incorporating S.I.M.S (Spirax Intelligent Monitoring System) technology is a complete, compact and energy efficient heat transfer solution, that will deliver a constant supply of hot water at a stable temperature on demand – even with sudden wide load changes – for a full range of domestic and process hot water applications up to 4 million BTU’s.

Spirax Sarco precisely sizes all of the Spirax EasiHeat DHW components to ensure accurate temperature control and responsiveness under all load conditions. The unit constantly supplies hot water at stable temperatures eliminating the need for large storage volumes. This makes it ideal for heating potable water in any commercial public building and institutions, including hospitals, schools and colleges, as well as any process application that requires hot water as part of the manufacturing process.

For more information, visit www.spiraxsarco.com/global/us

Conval: Free 40-Page Catalog

Conval eNews Image 5.13.15Conval, a U.S.-based global leader in high-performance valves, is offering hard copy, PDF and online versions its 40-page full-line catalog at no charge to interested specifiers and plant personnel. This information-packed, full-color catalog contains photos, diagrams, features, benefits and specifications on thousands of Conval products including Clampseal globe valves, throttling valves, gate valves, bellows seal valves and special application valves; Camseal zero-leakage ball valves; actuated valves, accessories, tool kits; and a description of typical applications. For details, contact Conval, P.O. Box 1049, Somers CT 06071-1049; telephone 860.749.0761 or visit www.Conval.com.

Emerson: FlowScanner 6000

Emerson Process Management’s FlowScanner 6000 Version 6.6 valve diagnostic tool now seamlessly integrates with the Kalsi Valve & Actuator Program (KVAP) from Kalsi Engineering, Inc. This integration allows efficient tracking and trending analysis and direct feedback to calculate functional margin in accordance with ASME OM Code Mandatory Appendices III and IV.

FlowScanner 6000 is Emerson’s powerful valve diagnostic tool used to evaluate the performance of all makes and models of air operated control valves.

For more information, visit www.emersonprocess.com

Siemens: SIPART PS-2 Valve Positioner

Siemens 4.1.15 eNews SIPART PS2 freiThe Siemens SIPART PS2 Valve Positioner demonstrates the versatility and reliability that you have come to expect from Siemens. While Siemens leads the market with safe, uninterrupted performance, we’re striving to develop new technologies to meet the changing market needs and expectations.

With that in mind, this year we are introducing new functionalities to our SIPART PS2 Valve Positioner:

  1. Fail in Place Technology – Traditionally, upon loss of power to a valve positioner, the device will fail to the zero position. Our new, optional Fail-in-Place (FIP) feature causes the valve to remain in the last position when it loses power. This is particularly useful in damper control applications, but can also be beneficial for critical process control valves.
  2. HART 7 Updates for PS2 – We are releasing new diagnostic features and control improvements via the HART Communication protocol update. The key feature in this update is a Valve Performance Test (VPT), which provides hysteresis, non-linearity, non-repeatability, maximum measured error, and inaccuracy up/down. This test will provide a baseline as well as current data on your valve that will help you plan upcoming maintenance on your equipment.
  3. Integral Volume Booster – Volume boosters are typically mounted externally to the valve positioner and are used to boost air flow to the actuator. Our unique Integral Volume Booster (IVB) directly connects to the SIPART PS2 and eliminates a majority of the fittings and pipe bending required to mount standard external volume boosters. This reduction in piping, fittings and labor helps reduce the overall cost of ownership.


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