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Chesterton: 1726 Low Emissions Packing

Chesterton Introduces 1726 Low Emissions Packing for Isolation Valves in Chemical ServiceA.W. Chesterton Company has introduced 1726 Low Emissions Packing, a new low emissions sealing solution for isolation valves. The innovative packing is designed to help companies in the petrochemical, chemical, and oil and gas industries meet and exceed current emissions requirements and improve safety. 1726 is offered in a single spool and fits a wide range of isolation valve applications, allowing companies to simplify inventory and installation.

Chesterton 1726 packing has a carbon core covered with PTFE in a true double-braided formation. Its innovative construction is designed to achieve low emissions sealing levels without the use of costly and time-consuming live loading assemblies.

For more information, visit www.chesterton.com

Chesterton: Large Diameter Rotary Seal Series

Chesterton Large Diameter Rotary Seal SeriesA.W. Chesterton Company has launched its comprehensive Large Diameter Rotary Seal Series, an extension of Chesterton’s existing rotary seal portfolio.

This seal series was specifically developed to improve seal performance in heavy duty, industrial rotating equipment. The seal design, materials, and technology provide superior protection against the ingress of solid particles, dust, and fluids. As a result, bearing houses and gearboxes are protected even in the most hostile industrial environments.

For more information, visit chestertonrotating.chesterton.com

Spirax Sarco: PV4 and PV6 Piston Valves

Spirax Sarco Piston Valve PV4Spirax Sarco has released the PV4 and PV6 piston valves for isolation purposes. They are available in NPT and SW versions, in sizes from ½” to 2”, in either forged carbon steel or forged stainless steel. These valves are designed to Class 800 and provide tight shutoff, suitable for steam, condensate and other liquid systems.

The PV4 and PV6 will give customers the peace of mind they need knowing that it has been rigorously tested and developed for use in the oil, gas and chemicals industry.

For more information, visit www.spiraxsarco.com

AUMA: GQB Series of Gearboxes

AUMA GQB SeriesAUMA has a new range of part-turn gearboxes, the GQB series. They have been specifically designed to meet the requirements for basic 90° applications with standard industrial valves such as butterfly and ball valves.

The housing incorporates a coaxial primary reduction gear as well as integral mounting flanges for the actuator, handwheel and valve. This considerably reduces the number of parts and the amount of material required, without compromising performance. End stops to limit the valve travel are accessible next to the output drive shaft. A patent-pending overload protection guarantees safety in case of excessive torque.

The GQB range complements AUMA’s proven GS part-turn gearboxes, which will continue to be used for demanding applications with special valves and for special requirements, for example in hydropower plants, weirs or dams.

For more information, visit www.auma.com

Chesterton: 250L Cartridge Double Seal with Clamp Lock Ring

chesterton cartridge sealA.W. Chesterton Company introduces their latest mechanical seal innovation – the Chesterton 250L Cartridge Double Seal with features that significantly simplify mechanical seal installation. The new 250L uses Chesterton’s double seal designs with the additional of a clamp lock ring that allows for single screw tightening. The seal also has internal centering clips which do not require removal.

The 250L cartridge double seal is designed to fit ANSI pumps used in lower-duty chemical processes such as ethanol grain processing. The 250 double seal provides sealing security that conventional single seals cannot match. A durable back-up seal provides the opportunity for scheduled maintenance to avoid unplanned downtime and production losses. The clamp lock ring is easier to install for new maintenance staff and avoids damage to the equipment shaft or sleeve.

For more information, visit www.chesterton.com

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