MENTOR GRAPHICS: Offers On-Demand Web Seminar

mentor graphicsFlow, Pressure, Cavitation! Use 'X-Ray Vision' to Avert a Design Disaster. On-Demand Web Seminar—View Now.

In this free 45-minute on-demand Web seminar we discuss the typical challenges an engineer faces when designing Process Plant flow control devices such as valves and piping. See how an MCAD embedded concurrent CFD approach can dramatically improve workflow, leading to better products in less time, maximizing both design output and profits.

To illustrate this, the presenter demonstrates how easy it is with concurrent CFD to prepare a valve design for analysis, analyze it and then evaluate the results. They then go on to perform “what-if” analysis by simply modifying the original MCAD geometry and viewing the CFD results for the new model.

What you will learn:

  • Perform analysis using concurrent CFD and familiar CAD interface
  • Visualize pressure and flow distributions in a virtual 3D environment
  • Understand the impact of design changes and how it can effect pressure
  • Efficient ways to share results with design teams and customers