Lined Valve Company: Knife Gate Valve Selection Guide

Lined Valve 7.8.15Ever wondered which knife gate valve to select? Lined Valve Company (LVC) has created a guide to narrow down the choice of knife gate valve for use in a variety of applications. Download a copy of this useful guide to help hone in on the right valve. Whether you are looking for abrasion resistance for the cement industry, or a uni-directional knife gate for sludge hoppers, we have it covered. Now there are times when only one style of knife gate will work, such as polymer or urethane lined for the mining industry, or a bi-directional stainless steel resilient seat for the beverage industry. But there are also instances when one mill will prefer a resilient seat and another a metal seat. Fortunately LVC has intentionally designed a wide range of knife gates to accommodate the requirements of numerous applications. Still have questions? Contact LVC’s experienced sales team at, 888-256-5779.