Chesterton: 250L Cartridge Double Seal with Clamp Lock Ring

chesterton cartridge sealA.W. Chesterton Company introduces their latest mechanical seal innovation – the Chesterton 250L Cartridge Double Seal with features that significantly simplify mechanical seal installation. The new 250L uses Chesterton’s double seal designs with the additional of a clamp lock ring that allows for single screw tightening. The seal also has internal centering clips which do not require removal.

The 250L cartridge double seal is designed to fit ANSI pumps used in lower-duty chemical processes such as ethanol grain processing. The 250 double seal provides sealing security that conventional single seals cannot match. A durable back-up seal provides the opportunity for scheduled maintenance to avoid unplanned downtime and production losses. The clamp lock ring is easier to install for new maintenance staff and avoids damage to the equipment shaft or sleeve.

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