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BHGE: Mooney FlowMax HP Regulator

BHGE mooney flowmax hpBHGE announces the expansion of the Mooney product line to now include ANSI class 300 and 600 rated FlowMax regulators, available with fail-to-close action for positive safe failure mode supporting our customers need to expand to higher ranges of regulation. This is part of a series of recent and on-going product expansions to increase the scope to better serve the Natural Gas Regulation market.

The Mooney FlowMax HP regulator is a high pressure reducing regulator that offers bubble tight shut-off at all pressure differentials and full capacity at very low pressure differentials. The FlowMax HP maximizes capacity, speed of response, and accuracy while incorporating some of the same original maintenance and performance features for which the Mooney regulator lines became known as a simple, proven and safe for our environment natural gas regulator.

For more information visit valves.bhge.com

Curtiss-Wright: Farris 3800L Series Pressure Relief Valve Receives ASME Approval

Curtiss Wrights Industrial Division Farris 3800L Series Pressure Relief Valve Receives ASME ApprovalCurtiss-Wright’s Industrial division has announced that its Farris Engineering business unit has received ASME Code Section VIII certification for the 3800L Series pilot operated pressure relief valves with modulating pilot controls (PCM) for use in air, gas and vapor service. Previously, the 3800L was only certified for liquid service.

The addition of air, gas and vapor certification allows for the Farris 3800L with PCM control to be ASME Code stamped for use in both compressible and non-compressible services. The availability of a pilot operated relief valve certified for both compressible and non-compressible services provides for an attractive option in applications that can experience two-phase flow. Operators typically have to choose between using a liquid or vapor certified pressure relief valve which will generally only perform properly under one type of service fluid. The 3800L with PCM control offers plant operators greater assurance that the relief valve will operate as intended during an overpressure situation in both compressible and non-compressible services.

When the 3800L is used for more than one fluid type or for two phase flow applications, the nameplate may be marked with both an air and liquid certified capacity and ASME Code Stamped. There is no change in the overall valve design or spring selection. Valve opening pressure remains within ASME Code tolerances regardless of the relieving fluid condition.

For more information, visit www.cw-valvegroup.com

Curtiss-Wright: Farris 2600/2600L Series Pressure Relief Valve

Curtiss Wright Farris 2600 Series Pressure Relief ValveCurtiss-Wright’s Industrial Division has announced that its business unit Farris Engineering will now offer restricted lift on its 2600 and 2600L Series API-type pressure relief valves. The restricted lift option is available on orifice sizes D-Z for compressible service for both new 2600 Series valves and as a retrofit option for Farris’ in-service valves.

ASME Code Section VIII and API 526 both provide for certification and use of a restricted lift design for relief valves. Farris’ design option allows operators to customize the valve lift to meet their specific capacity requirements. ASME code requires that restriction should be not less than 30% of the PRV’s full rated lift or less than 0.080 inches.

The benefits of using a restricted lift valve for operators is that they can more closely match the pressure relief valve’s flow capacity to their system’s required capacity. Restricted lift can improve a valve’s performance and stability especially in larger orifice size valves. Pressure relief valves with a restricted lift option are also a cost-effective solution for situations where PRV’s experience inlet pressure losses in excess of 3% of set pressure.

For more information visit www.cw-valvegroup.com/farris

ASCO: 617 Series SentronicLP Electronic Pressure Regulator

ASCO 617 seriesASCO has introduced the ASCO Numatics 617 Series SentronicLP proportional electronic regulator for accurate pneumatic pressure control in applications with limited power supplies.

With hysteresis of less than 1 percent, excellent linearity and repeatability, and stable control under flowing conditions, the high-performance proportional valve is ideally suited for applications where precise pressure control is required. These include manufacturing applications in the automotive and tire, food and beverage, and packaging industries. The 617 Series regulator is available in three sizes - 1/4 inch (4 mm), 3/8 inch (8 mm), and 1/2 inch (15 mm) - to cover a wide range of flow requirements.

The 617 Series' 1/4-inch model is available in a compact manifold mount that holds up to 10 valves. The space-saving design requires only one pressure supply, enabling economic, simple, and quick installation. Most configurations of the 617 Series pressure regulator are available for rapid delivery as part of the ASCO Express quick shipment program. 

For more information, visit www.asco.com

Groth Corporation: Model 12-TH Thief Hatch

Groth Model 12 TH Thief HatchGroth Corporation announces the new Model 12-TH Thief Hatch for use on steel or fiberglass (FRP) low pressure oil tanks utilizing the eight inch round API 12 bolting pattern.

Designed to protect low pressure oil storage tanks, with industry leading high flow rates, and precision tolerances to provide superior sealing performance. The leakage is less than 1 SCFH of air @ 90% of the set pressure, keeping your tanks in compliance with industry standards. The Groth Model 12-TH Thief Hatch is available in a wide range of pressure settings and vacuum settings.

For more information, visit thiefhatch.grothcorp.com



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