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Continental Disc Corporation Announces SANITRX HPX® II Rupture Disc

continental disc corporation sanitrx hpx ii rupture discContinental Disc Corporation enhances their HPX® rupture disc product line with the SANITRX HPX® II Rupture Disc, a semicircular, scored, reverse acting rupture disc designed specifically for applications in the pharmaceutical, food & beverage and biotech industries

that require pressures above SANITRX HPX® Rupture Disc. Available in sizes 1 ½” to 4,” this rupture disc is available to fit between standard sanitary ferrules, NA CONNECT® flanges or SANITRX® fittings. SANITRX HPX® II rupture discs are shipped in sanitary, environmentally friendly, non-toxic packaging.

Common applications for the new SANITRX HPX® II Rupture Disc product include: filters, autoclaves, bioreactors, process vessels, heat exchangers, storage & transport vessels, fermenters, clean steam piping, WFI vessels & piping, CIP & SIP skids and piping, lyophilizers (freeze drying), and mixing, drying, granulating equipment.


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