Kingston Valves Announces New Safety Relief Valve

Kingston model 710Storm Manufacturing Group, maker of Kingston Valves, announces the release of their new safety valve series: the Kingston Model 710. The Model 710 is the first Kingston remote-discharge design certified for ASME Section VIII Air/Gas/Steam applications and is Kingston’s entry into the mid-sized valve market.

The Model 710 integrates a fully guided stem and seat pocket for superior re-seating accuracy and its full lift performance design allows higher flow capacities that meet or exceed most comparable side outlet relief valves. Its fixed optimized blowdown takes advantage of a reduced parts count making it a cost effective alternative for OEMs considering more complicated, expensive solutions. The Model 710 Series also has many configuration options that give design engineers the flexibility to use this valve in a wide range of applications.

This new valve offering from Kingston is the first of an entire family of remote-discharge, industrial safety valves. The new Model 710 is offered in a “D” orifice for air/gas/steam and Kingston will continue to expand the line offering liquid service, additional orifice sizes and further certifications.