ASCO Introduces Composite Solenoid Valve for Water Purification and Conditioning Applications

asco_series_212ASCO Numatics introduces the 212 Series of composite solenoid valves that incorporate the new FasN™ universal connection system, designed specifically for water purification and conditioning systems in commercial and industrial applications.

The 212 Series valve has the highest pressure and temperature ratings on the market - up to 150 psi and 180° F. Its robust, lightweight engineered plastic body has been built and tested to achieve up to 1 million operating cycles.

The composite valve has been tested and certified by NSF International: NSF 61 Annex G (drinking water), NSF 169 (special purpose food equipment and devices), and NSF 372 (lead-free). It also has been tested and certified against NSF Standard 42 for materials and structural requirements. The NSF certification program is accredited by the Standard Council of Canada and ANSI.