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ValvTechnologies: NexTech Pulsejet Valve with EcoPack

ValvTechnologies NexTech pulsejet valve with EcoPackValvTechnologies, Inc. introduced a fast-acting, high-cycle NexTech® pulsejet valve with EcoPack™ stem packing solution for the reduction of fugitive emissions.

Pulsejet valves are designed to send a pulse of gas through a pipeline system. A trunnion-mounted ball valve, ValvTechnologies NexTech® pulsejet valve is capable of 90° or 180° rotation in speeds as low as 0.5 seconds or faster: this fast actuation speed is what creates the gas “pulse” through the pipeline system. Pulsejet systems can be used to clean system filters, spray chemicals in an injection type system, or pulse debris/media through a pipeline to prevent clogging.

These systems cycle many thousands of times per day. Conventional packing systems cannot handle the abuse of the fast cycle speed, combined with the high cycle count. ValvTechnologies’ EcoPack™ solution was designed to address and overcome this challenge.

For more information, visit www.valv.com

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