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TRILLIUM Valves USA: Atwood & Morrill Forged Wye Globe Valves

Trillium Forged Wye Globe without backgroundTRILLIUM Valves USA announces the shipment of its first order of Atwood & Morrill Forged Wye Globe Valves. The valve shown is the first of nine forged F91 wye stop check valves for high pressure main steam lines to be installed at three combined cycle plants in the southeast United States.

Atwood & Morrill developed the forged ASTM A182 F91 valves to address life cycle concerns that have been identified by combined cycle power plants using cast ASTM A217 C12A valve bodies.

Forged valves minimize material defects and provide better quality and longer life valves.  

Mark Claffey, TRILLIUM Valves USA President, commented, “The Product Development Process for F91 gate and wye valves started in 2017. We introduced the forged parallel slide gate valves in 2018 and we completed our first production cycle of the forged wye valves in September 2020. By developing Atwood & Morrill forged gate and wye valves, TRILLIUM Valves USA responded to customer needs within the power industry. This is a significant achievement and I would like to thank all members of the Development Team for their hard work and dedication.”

For more information, visit www.trilliumflow.com

Conval: Custom Urea and Ammonia Service Valves

Conval Urea Valve group shotConval severe service valves are available for high-pressure piping in urea reactors, strippers and condensers. Standard sizes range from ½” to 4” with flanged, butt weld, hub, and lens ring connections. Valve types include Y-, T- and angle-pattern globe valves, gate valves, piston check valves, and top entry ball valves in ASME Class 900 to 2500 ratings. Expedited delivery and custom modifications are possible to meet customer needs.

Conval valves and applicable parts thereof may be forged/wrought in 316L Urea Grade, Ferralium 255, 310 MoLN, Duplex F51, SAF 2507, Zeron 100, DP28W, Safurex and Titanium. Accessories include electric, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators; locking devices; limit switches and position indicator.

Features include B16.34 design; integral gland wrench for concentric 360° packing load; in-line renewability; exceptional life cycle value; two-year warranty; standard helium leak testing; optional steam jacketing. Quality certifications include ASME N and NPT; Canadian registration numbers for all provinces; CE; ISO 2015; and PED.

For more information, visit www.conval.com


Valtorc: Spring Return Fail Safe Automated Knife Gate Valves

Valtorc spring return knife gate valveValtorc's spring return cylinders are available in 316SS, carbon steel Epoxy ends and can work with knife gate valves up to 20". The spring return linear cylinders can be designed "Man Safe" captured springs. This means the unit can be easily dismantled and repaired on site without special equipment.

As standard the spring return cylinders are welded shut to prevent tampering and accidental removal of the end caps.

The captured spring design can be easily removed, is safe, heavier and more expensive. However, our welded end design is cheaper, lighter, more compact and able for non-field repair.

The spring options are available in spring to close or spring to open.

The back-up systems are bulky and rely on complicated accessories which can fail. The Valtorc spring return cylinders are more robust and more compact.

For more information, visit www.valtorc.com

Check-All Valve: Vacuum Flange Insert

Check All Vacuum Flange InsertCheck-All Valve Mfg. Co. is proud to introduce the brand-new Vacuum Flange Insert (VI) for your rough to high vacuum systems, systems requiring frequent cleaning or modification, roughing and foreline plumbing, and research and teaching lab applications among others. The VI is designed to fit between ISO/NW/KF/QF vacuum flanges designed in accordance with DIN 28403, DIN 28404, ISO 1609, and ISO 2861. It is both a centering ring and a check valve therefore, requiring no additional space in the line. Its size makes it extremely economical when compared to full-bodied check valves. The VI can also be used as a low-pressure relief valve under either positive or vacuum conditions by using the desired spring setting.

For more information, visit www.checkall.com

Conval: Clampseal Blowdown Service Valves

Conval tandem blowdown valveConval offers Clampseal Blowdown Service Valves to provide necessary control for continuous or tandem boiler or turbine blow down and bottom blow-off service.

For continuous service, blowdown valves are available in ¾” through 4” sizes with butt or socket weld and flanged ends, in ASME/ANSI Class 900 through 4500. Standard materials are Low Alloy SA 182-F22, SA-182-F91 or SA-105. Specials are available upon request.

For tandem service, blowdown valves are available in ¾” through 4” sizes with butt or socket weld and flanged ends, in ASME/ANSI Class 900 through 4500. Standard materials are Carbon Steel A105, Low Alloy F22 or F91.

Clampseal blowdown valves are fully serviceable in-line using standard Conval tools. The valves feature a uniform one-piece gland, which eliminates the potential for stem damage from gland cocking. With leak-proof bonnet, the cartridge-style packing chamber allows rapid access to valve trim for inspection and maintenance. The pressure seal fixed backseat provides maximum valve integrity by ensuring a positive internal stop for the valve and stem and disc assembly. This also securely isolates the packing from line pressure when the valves is fully open, to increase packing life.

For more information, visit www.Conval.com.


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