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Curtiss-Wright: Changeover Valve from Farris Engineering

Curtiss Wright Changeover Valve from Farris EngineeringCurtiss-Wright’s Industrial Division has launched a new changeover valve from its brand family of Farris Engineering.

Designed in conjunction with their sister business, Phönix, and sold under the Farris name, the optimized change over valve is a three-way globe valve used in combination with Farris pressure relief valves wherever a shutdown cannot be tolerated. Changeover valves enable pressurized systems to be equipped with dual relief devices, allowing for maintenance to the relief devices without interrupting system overpressure protection. For critical services, a second change over unit can be added at the outlet of the relief valves allowing for collection of toxic or aggressive effluent into a closed collection system.

The changeover units were designed according to the appropriate industry requirements, including ASME B16.34 BPVC, ISO40126, API 520.2, EN19, and AD 2000 A2. The COV is offered with metal seating, Model 320B, or an optional bellow sealed stem, Model 370B, for toxic or lethal service. Optimized flow through the valve is guaranteed regardless of design. The optimized interior flow path results in a lowered deflection angle and reduced pressure loss within the COV. The result is less than a 3% pressure drop to the COV outlet or active PRV inlet.

For additional information, visit www.cw-valvegroup.com/farris

Lined Valve Company: Tips for Trouble-Free Knifegate Valve Packing Replacement

Safety first - release pressure from the valve, make sure it is closed.

  1. Remove packing gland nuts and bolts.
  2. Raise gate to full open position.
  3. Pull up the packing gland to the top of the gate and secure it to the top of the gate.
  4. Using a packing hook or screw driver, remove all the old packing.
  5. Carefully clean the packing box.
  6. Using a pre-cut packing kit, insert packing one row at a time into packing box. Tap down each row of packing into place using a flat bar tool. Packing joints should be located 180° apart.
  7. Pull packing gland down and tighten nuts and bolts using cross torque method. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.
  8. Bring valve up to working pressure and tighten the packing gland enough to stop any leaks or drips. Over tightening of the gland will result in reduced packing life.  

DFT: Axial-Flow Check Valve

DFT Axial-Flow Check ValveDFT Inc. announces the release of its new BNC™ Check Valve, a nozzle-style, axial-flow check valve specifically designed to excel in high-pressure applications.

Many natural gas companies and other industries are now placing their pipelines below ground and are looking for a one-piece valve they can weld in and bury. The BNC™ Check Valve answers that demand with a precision nozzle-style valve that uses axial-flow technology to eliminate turbulence and prevent erosion and vibration. This design reduces downtime and maintenance costs and boosts capacity and accuracy.

Additionally, this valve provides a critical service to the power industry because the valve’s one piece body eliminates leak paths, while providing tight shut off.

For more information, visit www.dft-valves.com

Conval: Automated Valve Packages

Conval actuated valves 6.10.15Conval offers a wide range of automated globe, gate and ball valve packages in 1/2" through 4" sizes that automate processes, improve efficiency, assure precise closing, extend product life, reduce labor costs, and allow for integrated remote monitoring and control. The high-performance Clampseal and Camseal forged valves are repairable in-line, with no welds to remove and replace.

Clampseal globe valves are available in angle, Y and T-pattern configurations and come standard with removable yokes for actuator mounting. Seats may be cut, ground and lapped. Disc can be turned or replaced, and lapped to the seat. Camseal top entry ball valves feature a replaceable cartridge with new seat and ball that is factory-tested to assure tight shut-off. The valve has an indicator window and marked stem, to assure proper in-line ball alignment in open and closed positions. Integral ISO mounting flange is supplied standard.

For details, please contact Conval, P.O. Box 1049, Somers CT 06071-1049; telephone 860.749.0761 or visit www.Conval.com.

Val-Matic: Metal Seated Swing Check Valves

Val-Matic Metal Seated Swing ValvesVal-Matic has expanded its Swing Check Valve line to include metal-to-metal seating. Metal seated swing check valves are designed for municipal and industrial water and wastewater applications. Series 7900 Oil Cushion Swing Check Valves are provided with metal seating as standard and available as an option on Series 7800 Swing Check Valves. Both the removable body seat and integral disc seat are made from C95400 aluminum bronze for reliable operation under the harshest of conditions. Metal seated valves can be fitted with any of our closure options, including Lever & Weight, Air Cushion or Lever & Spring. As with our standard resilient seated Swing Check valves, all metal seated Swing Check valves are design, built and tested for compliance with ANSI/AWWA C508, NSF/ANSI 61, NSF/ANSI 372 and MSS SP-71/MSS SP-136.  

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