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DFT: Model TLW Axial Flow Wafer Check Valve

DFT Model TLW Axial Flow Wafer Check ValveDFT Inc. releases its new TLW® Check Valve, a Tapped Lug Wafer style silent check valve specifically designed for use in horizontal and vertical installations for liquid, gas, and steam applications where exposed bolts are not suitable.

This check valve was designed for use in a refining industry application but is relevant for any industry where bolts are required not be exposed to fire or corrosion. As with all other DFT check valves, this silent check valve reduces the potential for reverse flow and water hammer and is designed for long life and low maintenance.

Standard trim materials include a stainless-steel seat, disc, and bushing (optional soft seat seal available). The valve can be installed either horizontally or vertically and is compatible with steam, water, and gaseous media. Custom sizing is available for low flow applications. 

Emerson: Clarkson SU10R Knife Gate Valve

Emerson Clarkson SU10REmerson has launched a new line of reliable, high-performance knife gate valves designed specifically to meet the needs of customers in challenging mid-service mining applications.

The new Clarkson SU10R polyurethane knife gate valve line is available in the United States and offers mining and mineral processing companies a solution to the abrasion and corrosion conditions that plague mid-service applications, while significantly increasing reliability and service life.

The two-piece body construction and field replaceable snap-in liner design provides more reliable sealing than competing products. An integral seat face seal eliminates the need for flange gaskets in many conventional flanged installations. This, along with an improved gland, will make the product particularly attractive to customers across the mining spectrum, from alumina to coal, copper, gold, silver and uranium.

For more information, visit valves.emerson.com

Crane ChemPharma & Energy: Pacific Cast Steel Valves

Crane ChemPharma Energy Pacific Cast Steel ValvesDesigned in accordance with the industry's latest standards, the new Pacific®CSV line of cast steel gate, globe and check valves from Crane ChemPharma & Energy provides quality performance in demanding applications.

The new line has several improved features that enhance reliability and O&M including the gate valve's fully-guided wedge, which ensures smooth operation in both horizontal and vertical orientations to deliver improved resistance to sticking. The globe valve has a uniquely-designed line contact between disc and seat, which enables lower seating torque and faster set up. The swing check's disc fastener, is restrained by the bonnet to eliminate the risk of a displaced disc and prevent damage to downstream equipment.

Visit www.PacificCSV.com to learn more.  

Check-All Valve: EPIC Series

Check All EPIC Male PipeCheck-All Valve Mfg. Co. introduces a new check valve product offering. The EPIC™ series consists of in-line spring-loaded poppet-type check valves that are designed to be cost effective, simple, rugged and efficient while opera ting in any flow orientation. The EPIC™ is machined from 300 series stainless steel bar stock with Aflas® seat/seals and a 1/2-PSI stainless steel spring (cracking pressure). It is streamlined so that media flows through the valve over smooth, contoured surfaces with a minimum change in direction. The check valve al so achieves a high flow capacity and reduced pressure loss compared to other poppet style check valves of similar sized connections. These features minimize the pressure drop across the valve. The EPIC™ closes quickly and smoothly for silent operation and eliminates water hammer.

Additionally, the EPIC™ series incorporates a replace able drop-in check mechanism (Replaceable Insert Kit sold separately) that is easily installed into the existing body without requiring additional assembly of separate checking components. This pre-assembled complete check mechanism eliminates the need to assemble individual checking components, creating an efficient and economical method of effectively rebuilding the entire check mechanism, if an application requires.

Due to the materials of construction, high flow capacity, complete repairability and the quality customers have come to expect from Check-All, the EPIC™ check valves are uniquely suited for a very wide range of applications in liquids, gases and steam.

For more information, visit www.checkall.com

Conval: Whisperjets


Conval eNews 10.12.16Conval, a global leader in high-performance valves for the world’s most demanding applications, offers custom-designed, low-cost Whisperjets® for gas or liquid pressure reduction, for new or retrofit installations. These simple, practical, long-lasting devices reduce gas or liquid pressure through a series of multi-stage pressure reductions. As a result, there is virtually no part erosion. With gas applications, noise is significantly reduced because orifices on each stage are sized to keep the flow of the gas below critical velocity.

Whisperjets are available in ASME pressure classes through 4500#, in sizes from 1/2" and up, with socket weld or butt weld end connections as standard and other ends available upon request. Depending on the application, standard materials are Carbon Steel A105, Chromalloy SA 182-F22, F91. 316 and 347 Stainless Steel and other alloys are available upon request.

For details, please contact Conval, P.O. Box 1049, Somers CT 06071-1049; telephone 860.749.0761 or visit www.Conval.com.  

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