cameron enertech drv-bnCAMERON’S ENTECH DRV-BN nozzle check valve was designed to provide three mandatory requirements of a check valve: non-slam, low-pressure drop and virtually no maintenance in large-diameter applications. The valve is a large bore valve designed for compressor and pumping stations from 16 inches (400 millimeter) diameter and above. The key feature of the DRV-BN nozzle check valve is its inherent non-slam characteristics.

This can be attained because the valve reacts quickly enough to flow (velocity) changes that outpaces the process changes and can reach the point of closure before it is possible for the flow to reverse. It features a flow-spacer that allows the valve to be fully customizable to specific service and installation conditions and to be easily re-configurable in case of potential changes of customer plant flow performances over the years. The valve is used in a variety of applications such as water, oil and LNG pump stations as well as in gas compressor stations.