Lined Valve Company: Tips for Trouble-Free Knifegate Valve Packing Replacement

Safety first - release pressure from the valve, make sure it is closed.

  1. Remove packing gland nuts and bolts.
  2. Raise gate to full open position.
  3. Pull up the packing gland to the top of the gate and secure it to the top of the gate.
  4. Using a packing hook or screw driver, remove all the old packing.
  5. Carefully clean the packing box.
  6. Using a pre-cut packing kit, insert packing one row at a time into packing box. Tap down each row of packing into place using a flat bar tool. Packing joints should be located 180° apart.
  7. Pull packing gland down and tighten nuts and bolts using cross torque method. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.
  8. Bring valve up to working pressure and tighten the packing gland enough to stop any leaks or drips. Over tightening of the gland will result in reduced packing life.