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Victaulic: Refuse-to-Fuse Series 906 KGV

Victaulic Refuse to Fuse Series 906 Knife Gate ValveVictaulic has launched its new Refuse-to-Fuse™ Series 906 Knife Gate Valve (906 KGV), the industry's first in-line maintenance KGV for HDPE pipe. The new valve simplifies installation and maintenance, reduces downtime and improves worker safety.

The 906 KGV for HDPE pipe is ideal for fluid lines containing solids or abrasive materials common in mining, wastewater treatment, power generation and other industrial settings with applications such as slurry and tailings lines or cyclones.

The new valve also improves worker safety because only one component has to be replaced versus removing the entire valve from the pipeline. This first-of-its-kind, revolutionary design eliminates the need for rigging with heavy chains and pulleys swinging over the heads of maintenance crews.

For more information, go to www.victaulicknifegate.com


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