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2000 Articles

FALL 2000
Advanced Valve & Actuator Technology in the New Millennium: An Inside Look
By Rhondalee A. Dean

Chemical Industry Market Outlook
By Eric J. Linak

Making Traffic Flow: Implementing the Technical Side of Lean
By Ken Branco

Emergency Valve Reliability: The Intelligent Solution
By Reijo Karjalainen and Karl-Kristian Högström

New Generation of Valve Actuators Can Provide Important MOV Predictive Maintenance Data
By Chris Warnett

Welding of Carbon Steel Materials for Use in Sour Service
By Don Bush

Process Solenoid Valves Offer Reliable Performance & Simplified Control
By Richard A. Cook & Sekhar Samy

The Packings & Gaskets Industry Enters the 21st Century
By Rhondalee A. Dean

E-Commerce and the Valve & Actuator Industry
By Misty Knappenberger

Workforce 2000: A Generation Apart
By Glenda Thompson-Norton

U.S. Water Industry Crosses Threshold Privatization, Pricing, and Parlez-Vous Français?
By Dan Noble

There's a Brand Name on the Label, But…Who Really Made This Thing?
By Clyde Hayes

Advanced Technology Rotary Valves Solve Chronic Isolation Problems
By Sekahar Samy & Stan Miller

Use of Valve & Actuators in Today's High-Tech Military Systems
By Rhondalee A. Dean

Valves 2000: A View of the Future
By Dale Stepanek

Prospering with Valves That Think and Communicate
By Wally Stommes

Valves, Actuators, and the European Union-Part II
By Frederic Washburn

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